MVP on Lesnar vs. Lashley or Jon Jones, the Young Bucks, the evolution of wrestling


The former WWE and GFW Superstar MVP recently spoke with the folks at The Miami Herald for an interview. Here are some of the highlights.

On the Young Bucks and the indy pro wrestling scene right now: “It’s a great time in the independent scene because for the first time since the territories you can make a living on the tour without having to be in WWE. I was on the House of Hardcore tour with Tommy Dreamer, and the Young Bucks were there They had never been in the ring working for Vince [McMahon] or WWE television, but that was the hottest thing. They sold more merchandise and had the longest queues of all. It’s a testament to the warmth of the business today. Even though the saturation of the WWE brand is insurmountable, pro wrestling is popular enough now that fans are finally realizing there is a universe that exists beyond the WWE Universe.

On the evolution of professional wrestling: “I see all these guys making a name for themselves and doing extremely well. I see the company is in good hands when it comes to entertaining, skillful athletes who respect the game. They’re out there. I see a lot of old-timers pissing all over the Young Bucks and all these guys saying, “You’re doing it wrong. Oh good? How do they get it wrong when people buy tickets to see them? They sell more goods than anyone, so how wrong are they? Everything evolves. You started with the Model T, and now you have the Bugatti. You watch old action movies and you see John Wayne, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who I grew up with. Watch these fight scenes and the choreography for them. Then watch a Jason Statham or Matt Damon, Jason Bourne fight scene. Everything evolves. Looking at old school wrestling with Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair, it evolved. Now you have the athleticism and ability like Ricochet and ‘Swerve’ Strickland. You can’t say it’s bad if people are having fun with it. I support these guys and want them to succeed.

On Brock Lesnar possibly returning to MMA to fight Jon Jones or Bobby Lashley: “Brock Lesnar is a move from the needlepoint MMA star, and Jon Jones came back to put the exclamation mark on being the greatest light heavyweight of all time and argue that he is the best pure fighter of all time. This is a fight I would like to see. Then there’s Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar. Who in MMA watches the role more than these two? Bobby Lashley is with Bellator and Brock Lesnar is associated with the UFC, so contractually it would be interesting to work out. In a fight, it’s still a contractual thing with Bobby tied to GFW for the foreseeable future and Brock to WWE. But seeing them in a wrestling match or an MMA match would be phenomenal and I think it would do a lot. Although there are those pesky contracts and laws that would get in the way right now. It’s probably something we may never get to see. Never say never though.

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