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Video games have undoubtedly created a community and with every genre explored and presented, more and more players are flocking to some of the best games ever made! The reason for this ever growing community is the technology that is being incorporated into every step of the game genres. Back then, we were just successful with computer games and basic consoles. Now we have multiple consoles to choose from, eSports, mobile games, PC games, and the list goes on! For example, if you look at the different types of casino games now you can play, they cover almost every genre that gets publicity and praise. The game has come so far, period.

What is a genre of video game?

Maybe you are new to gaming and wondering what a genre of gaming really is? Well let us tell you. A game genre is a category of games that are grouped together with similar characteristics. Just as you would have genres of books, for example, the same principle applies to games as well. For example, simulation video games are those that place players in virtual reality and mimic real life. If you are playing a first person shooter game, you will be playing super tough fighting game regimes which will give you access to weapons. Each genre has its own characteristics that align it with respect within the gaming community; of course, since we have our favorite types of books, we will also have our favorite types of games. Make sense ?

What are the popular game genres?


Action is one of the most popular games in genres because it gives us the adrenaline rush and the physical challenges we crave in our day to day life. This genre vividly introduces first-person action, where the power is entirely in your hands. Whether as a shooter, warrior, etc., there are plenty of huge game titles like Call of Duty, Halo, Street Fighter that have allowed us to ignite our dreams with a controller in our hands. Battle-style games will always take center stage as being highly anticipated and loved for entertainment, and it always is. It gives us the chance to let our imaginations run wild, just for the hours we are playing. Call it the escape from reality.


Another big favorite that can often get mixed up with the kind of action too. It will have fewer fight scenes and will primarily bring to life a story and narrative that the game has tried to define for you, the player. You will have to complete tasks and puzzles to keep progressing in the story and adventure. Good examples include the Final Fantasy series and Kingdom of Hearts, which has undoubtedly given us lots and lots of entertainment over the years as consoles have evolved and developed.


Strategy games force you to use your mind to fill in the gaps and gaps in the game that will allow you to progress. It can range from combat strategy to building a civilization and preventing potential threats that wish to disarm anything you’ve built. Age of Empires is a great example of this, as you will need to focus your combat strategy on building the best fortress and the best empire for you and the safety of civilians. Everything from defenses to food stores, to combat and combat skills, will be addressed for the long future of your reign. It’s old but golden.

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Racing games are that easy. You race against other players or the computer to help you come out on top. It can range from motor racing to Formula 1 to physical sports. This competitive gameplay is loved around the world for a reason – we have to take on the computer or other players and come out on top! Who doesn’t really like to win for example?


The puzzle genre is less exciting in terms of the stories like let’s say the action genre, however, it is super intriguing because it will challenge you and your logical thinking. Puzzles in the game world will always want to test your response and deduction skills. Tetris made a storm when it was first released in 1984. The simplest of the games was, but you had to fit all the pieces evenly, to make sure you clean the panel before the shapes pile up on top.

Today’s games retain concepts similar to this one but of course, their graphic presentation will have come a long way and evolved a lot from Tetris standards. Candy Crush Saga has grown to be huge, and although it’s just a pile of columnar candy, the gray matter it needs to clear the grids of as many sweet combinations as possible can get almost addicting. This is the reason why most of these games really rank among the most played games of the year, upon release.


The simulation genre is very similar to real life as they often need you to run your virtual gaming life just like real life. It can range from starting your own business that you need to grow and invest in, to building your own urban network surrounded by life and growth of urbanization. If you don’t think about the sims, here and now, how could you not? The Sims came out in the year 2000 and it created a huge wave of interest as so many people loved the way they could live their exact lives, but just an ounce better than usual.

The simulation becomes super addictive as players love to see the achievements, it’s visually and cognitively stimulating, to think that you have managed to emulate real life and virtually build something much greater than your name. Over 20 years later and The Sims are still pretty big, so that certainly says something, doesn’t it?

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