Most popular game genres of 2020


Although there are thousands of games out there, they usually fall into genres or categories. Over time, new genres will have been created that will stand alongside stages such as RPGs, puzzles and more.

But what are the most popular 2020 game genres? Let’s find out below.


Casino games have moved from traditional physical establishments to the Internet, and the result is better than we have ever imagined. You will no longer have to dress up or go to the nearest casino – just download an app or open a casino site such as ?? and play directly on your browser.

Technology has further advanced betting-type games by offering live poker, for example slots and table games with improved graphics. These titles work like the real thing – bet money and you have a chance to hit the jackpot.

Royal battle

Fortnite and PUBG are at the forefront of the battle royale genre. It’s basically about being the last man standing in a free match with other players.

If you like to play shooting games and compete with other players, you will love this genre. You are dropped on an island that shrinks and forces you to get closer to your opponents. Along the way, you’ll pick up weapons like crossbows, pistols, and bombs, and defensive items like healing, shields, and more. No ride is ever the same, which will keep you coming back for more.


Fighting games never die as long as developers create them. The thrill of a fist or sword fight with your favorite character makes it a visceral experience.

Choose a character, perform special moves and knock down your opponent’s life bar to win. A few titles add obstacles, throws, and game modes to keep things interesting. Marvel vs. Capcom, for example, has a tag system that allows for ridiculous combos.

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