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Honolulu (KHON2) – MathVantage teaches advanced math to children as young as 12 and those who want to overcome math anxiety and hone their skills.

“The biggest challenge in learning math isn’t against a teacher, parent, or classmate. It’s really against you. », Declared President Patrick Chevalier. “In my own life, I first suffered from“ math anxiety. ”My fear, lack of self-confidence and aversion to math resulted in dismal grades. created new techniques and procedures to overcome my shortcomings and became confident and comfortable. Today I have five degrees that require excellent math skills. I also realized that these new techniques and procedures I could change the life of young people as I changed my own life.

He taught arithmetic to his son Kevin at the age of 12 and found his teaching methods to be effective.

Chevalier says MathVantage is different from traditional schools and tutoring centers because it has developed techniques, procedures and a learning process over 16 years of research. Each MathVantage course is a blend of traditional courses and an innovative tutoring system backed by a high-tech environment.

MathVantage describes five stages of learning math:

1. Familiarization. This is the stage where the student is first introduced to a mathematical concept.

introduction to important concepts and properties. (Rules of the game).

2. Understanding. Try to figure out how to use the new concept. Read the examples and test the properties. Create a list of questions and discuss them with a teacher or peer. (Know how to play the game) ..

3. Do it yourself. This is the stage where the student is able to demonstrate his ability to solve basic problems. Try to test your procedures during class and homework.

4. Creativity. This is the stage where the student is able to demonstrate his ability to explore unusual or unexpected solutions beyond common procedures or usual techniques.

5. Performance. This is the last stage where the student is able to demonstrate his ability to solve exams. Learn how to be effective on exams.

He adds that 90% of Mathvantage students receive an “A” on their exams.

Virtually all Mathvantage students are 12 years of age or older and are normally vaccinated. Mathvantage has a strict rule to keep students at least 12 feet from each other or from the teacher. MathVantage also offers a one-to-one lesson, where lessons have a student in the high-tech classroom.

Mathvantage is located at the Koko Marina Center in Hawaii Kai. The address is 7192 Kalanianaole Hwy Suite G-205

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