Maple Leafs’ Mitch Marner in All-Star Game 1, NHL Wing Evolution


After a pair of impressive 60-point campaigns as a young gun and a dominant 94-point effort last season, Mitch Marner is officially an All-Star.

The star winger won his first career selection on the backs of the Maple Leafs loyalists, his name added to the mix via the “Last Men In” league fan vote.

With a staggering 47 points over the season so far, the squad’s second despite being out of around a month due to an early injury, the 22-year-old said he was honored to ” have your first chance to join the festivities of the stars.

“It’s definitely up there,” Marner told Sportsnet 590’s Hockey Central team when asked where an all-star debut fell among young hockey players‘ goals. “I mean, probably the top three, I would say, [with] Stanley Cup, get drafted and then get here. It’s something that you watch as a kid, that you grew up watching. You watched all the guys compete and you really look like you’re having a blast.

“I am very honored to be a part of it now.”

The Markham, Ont. Native will prepare for the inaugural Shooting Stars event as part of the skills competition on Friday, a trick-shot-like affair that will see players wire up pucks on an elevated platform at 30 feet above the ice, trying to shoot at targets spread across the sheet.

“We went to try it out yesterday from where the actual mark was, right where everything is in the stands,” Marner said. “It’s weird – I mean you’re high, you don’t really know how much power to put into it or anything, but we’ll see how it goes.” Hope I don’t embarrass myself.

Hockey center

Mitch Marner will also be in the stands this All-Star weekend

January 24, 2020

The skills Marner has exhibited so far in his young career suggest he will be doing very well. But there is much more to his game – and that of his fellow All-Star wingers – than the offensive-oriented skills of the stars who played in his position at the time.

The evolution of the game seemed to be accompanied by a blurring of the lines for players of all positions. And while that transition most often focuses on the more important offensive roles of today’s top defenders, there has been an equally big change for the wingers, Marner says.

“I think for the wingers you now see more of the defensive ends or the two-way wingers that have really developed in the league, with Mark Stone being the kind of leader in that,” Marner told the Hockey Central team. . “Seeing what he’s been up to the past two years with take out and even just with his stick he’s been amazing at it. So I really think the winger role has evolved into something bigger than just this kind of guy who goes up and down the wing, who can shoot, this power forward who takes the puck deep and hits. guys.

“I think he’s really developed a lot now into a qualified guy, a point guard or a goalscorer or really whatever. I think now in the mind of the wingers it’s not just about doing that top-down ice, it’s about covering all areas and making sure you cover your center if need be. is, and I think everyone has somehow played a bigger role with that. “

Listen to Mitch Marner’s full interview with Sportsnet 590’s Hockey Central via the audio player built into this article.


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