Los angeles Abadía del Crimen, a masterpiece of Spanish online gaming, will arrive on Transfer, PlayStation and Steam


One of the most awarded Spanish games in history will return in the first quarter of 2022.

You have probably heard of the golden age of the Spanish tool. This refers to a degree that spanned from the early 80s to the early 90s, in which Spain became one of the leading manufacturers of hobby tools for 8-bit techniques. And, of course, the benchmark online game of this point is not instead of The crime abbey.

The name, according to Umberto Eco’s novel “The Identification of the Rose”, was introduced once in 1987 and has probably become the most award-winning Spanish graphic trip of that time. Now, in the 21st century, it has been announced that it will return to current machines, with a release next year in Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Transfer.

As we see in his file at retailer Valve, it will happen everywhere first quarter 2022 below is the Unfashionable Golden Age assortment, which revives the wonderful precedent of these national classics. But it is not more simple, it works the game of the single studio, it will also arrive with a collection of additional add-ons.

Image of the crime abbey

It comes under the Unfashionable Golden Age label, which brings national classics to life.This model may have the unique name, as we have seen, but it will also offer display screen functionality or the ability to save the game. Likewise, you are going to have a rewind choice, a unique instruction guide, construction notes or even trophies.

This release will only be the start of a chain of reruns to come at some point. The Unfashionable Golden Age label, printed through the Zerouno games, may even once again offer other classics reminiscent of Operation Alexandra O Livingstone’s Supongo, which we will each experience on PC and current consoles.

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