Local company supports nationalization and evolution of Saudi Arabia’s healthcare system


ACCUMED KSA secured the pioneering and vital role of proven local expertise and national team of business leaders

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: As the Kingdom’s largest provider of comprehensive end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions, ACCUMED KSA has relied on its brand expertise, local presence and insights to play a fundamental role in the advancement of Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector. In addition to its partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH), ACCUMED KSA has worked diligently with the Health Insurance Board (CHI) to develop a standardized set of codes and billing system for private practitioners, in accordance to globally recognized coding systems – a game changer for the industry. This enables efficient processing and approval of insurance claims on the Saudi Billing System (SBS), leading to exceptional patient care – a necessity for a recognized optimal global healthcare system.

Like other global medical systems, Saudi Arabia has experienced direct operational and revenue effects from Covid. With Saudi Vision 2030 in mind, the country’s Ministry of Health (MOH) saw an opportunity to improve its current system based on lessons learned during this difficult time.

With the company’s extensive expertise spanning more than a decade in the UAE and the wider region, relationships with key global organizations have supported this role. Relationships with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) for private practitioner medical coding and documentation guidelines and the Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMA) and Australian Classification of Health Interventions (ACHI) for support mirrored in the public space, demonstrated ACCUMED KSA’s position as a navigational guide and unrivaled partner.

Adding to its appeal, the company is led by Dr. Mohammed Aldar, an industry veteran with pedigree experience in medical and healthcare business operations for government and multinational corporations. With his esteemed resume, Dr. Aldar, a Saudi national who has a deep knowledge base of doctors and the country’s approach, saw the need for a local national team to meet the specific needs of providers.

“With approximately 400,000 claims sampled and coded to national standards during the CHI Billing System project, ACCUMED KSA has paved the way for the country’s coding and billing cycle to operate on a unified and seamless system. An achievement that demonstrates the expertise of our management team, but also an important milestone for our operations in Saudi Arabia,” said Dr. Mohammed Aldar, Managing Director, ACCUMED KSA.

Since opening a local headquarters in Riyadh, ACCUMED KSA has been well received by healthcare providers nationwide, both in the public and private domains, looking for an effective RCM system to align about the country’s new billing system. Introductions to improve billing processes with ACCUMED’s advanced and proven software and skills training programs customized for local and vendor-specific needs allow for a streamlined approach to optimizing billing functionality. This results in an improved revenue stream for the provider.

Our collective work and our commitment to support a directive for the country’s health sector to provide all citizens and residents with comprehensive, world-class healthcare has led private and public providers to seek our personalized support from fellow Saudis. We understand that this goal is strongly driven by a sustainable financial model and are honored to be able to partner with government bodies to drive and support such initiatives, ‘ added Dr Aldar.

Key customers and partners to solidify ACCUMED KSA’s profile and position the country as a world-class healthcare provider include MOH’s Eastern Health Cluster (EHC) hospital network, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare and the Saudi German Hospitals Group, among others. Collaborations with prominent providers as such in the private and public spheres support the company’s future plans in the country.

* ACCUMED KSA internal data.


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