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Venus Williams has captivated the world with her incredible story for over a quarter of a century. During her career, she won seven Grand Slam singles titles, Olympic gold medals and reached world number one. But that’s not what defines Venus Williams. She joins TopCourt to share her story and teach you the techniques and fundamentals that helped her win 73 titles throughout her career.

Here’s what you can learn from Venus’ TopCourt class:

Technical: Williams teaches five classes on selected plans that she has mastered over the years. She covers the fundamentals and everything you need to know to develop a fundamentally strong serve and shares red flags to avoid in serve technique. She also explains what to look out for when it comes to the incredible detail of serve moves. She also teaches lessons focused on groundstrokes and the fundamentals you need to turn your forehand into your greatest strength, as well as the tips needed to add a natural backhand to your repertoire. Finally, she trains a class dedicated to the return of serve and shows how having a good return will put pressure on your opponent and give you more opportunities to break the serve.

Stories: In a series of seven “episodes”, Venus opens up and gives exclusive insight into her life. She shares how the support and motivation she received from her family pushed her to incredible heights throughout her career and shares a side of her that many people don’t know. She talks about how the things fans don’t know about her can surprise them and what defines her is not only what happens on the tennis court, but also the values ​​and philosophies that characterize her. .

Throughout her stories, Venus shares how she found inspiration through her father’s journey and always sought more than success on the pitch. She talks about her fashion line “Eleven”, which she launched in 2007. She stresses how essential it was for her to create a collection that allows women to lead active lives while remaining fashionable.

Williams also talks about how tennis, like life, is a game of pressure and understanding and accepting your weaknesses is crucial to being a successful athlete. She discusses vital advice she received from her sister Serena about how brutal honesty is key to an athlete’s success. She talks about how she’s learned over the years to let go of perfection, to believe in her hard work and preparation, and to have the confidence to overcome any adversity that comes her way.

Finally, Venus talks about the legacy she strives to leave behind beyond her accomplishments on the pitch. Not only is Williams an inspirational coach on TopCourt, but she’s also an investor in the game-changing online learning platform.

Venus shares: “As I reflect on my career, I remember how those I loved and admired inspired me every day to be big and dream big. Whether it was the motivation of my sister, Serena Williams, or the heartbreaking experiences of my father, the willpower of those who shared and invested in me made me the gamer I am today Knowledge is a power that empowers all of us to achieve, and there is no There is no better teacher than those who have experienced the unimaginable. That’s why I’m so proud to own TopCourt and push this global movement to empower and inspire the next generation of champions.


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