Leaked Pokemon Sword & Shield TCG Pack Teases New Online Game


Almost every time The Pokémon Company releases a new collectible card game expansion, the retail packaging gets leaked ahead of its release. In the case of the November launch, they also leaked something else.

One of the easiest ways to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game is to use its online companion. Entitled “Pokémon Trading Card Game Online”, this digital version of the successful card game has been used for the past year and a half in lieu of in-person events, with the addition of officially “Players’ Cup” tournaments. organized.

The current iteration of the TCG Online game has its fair share of issues, so when someone noticed something on the retail packaging for the November “Fusion Strike” expansion, it immediately sparked rumors.

Pokebeach.com / The Pokémon Company

One of the products “Sword & Shield: Fusion Strike” refers to the new game.

TCG Retail packaging leak

Thanks to Pokebeach.com, we now know what the retail products of TPCi’s November expansion, “Sword & Shield: Fusion Strike” will look like.

Among Mew’s pink colors and images, we can also see the back of what a deck of cards will look like when it hits retail stores. It’s the package that turns this leak into little more than a story.

On the back of what is called a blister pack is an interesting reference to “Pokémon TCG Live”. Each version prior to Fusion Strike referred to the current iteration, “Pokémon TCG Online”.

This benchmark change sparked rumors that The Pokémon Company had listened to complaints about the current game. While this might just be a brand new image, it got players around the world interested.

Complaints about TCG Online

With the in-person events stopping for a year and a half, the Pokémon TCG Online game has been used more than ever. Unfortunately for the company, it also brought to light a number of issues.

Problems with cards not functioning correctly, actions not displaying correctly, and lack of support for older formats led people to respond to Tweet from Serebii.net on the new game hopefully.

While we are not sure if “Pokémon TCG Live” is a brand new brand for the existing app or a brand new game created to play the game online, we are delighted that it seems like TPCi is listening to us.


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