Kerala: Online Gambling Addiction Takes Boy’s Life | News Thiruvananthapuram


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Parents of a 14-year-old boy who was found dead at home two weeks ago under unnatural circumstances have claimed their son is addicted to video games, which has affected his mental well-being and ultimately led him to commit suicide.
Parents Shanavas and Sajeena from Chirayinkeezhu told media that they only found out about his online gaming addiction after his death, when they examined his cell phone that they had provided him for online lessons. Their son Sabith was found dead on November 8, hanged in his bedroom. The police had taken possession of his cell phone as part of the investigation.
However, the phone was returned to the parents after they requested it. It was after the parents found their son’s online game collection locked in a password-protected folder.
Parents also told the media that they have spoken out so that other parents take this as a warning and take the necessary steps to ensure their wards are safe from these addicting games.
Following the revelation, police visited the couple on Wednesday and picked up the phone for a detailed scientific examination.
They said the phone would be sent to cyber experts for review. Police acted after senior department officials called on local police to investigate the veracity of the allegations made by the boy’s parents.
Senior officers in the department are also of the opinion that the local police should not have returned the phone to the parents instead of sending it to the scientific experts.
Meanwhile, sources within the police also said that the parents must not have said the words without scientifically confirming their doubts.
“The boy left no clue as to the real reason for his death. The reasons could be personal issues or even cyberbullying, as children spend most of their time online these days,” said one. officer who did not wish to be appointed.


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