How to choose an online game: guide for beginners


Playing video and online games is one of the most affordable and accessible hobbies. It is accessible to billions of people around the world thanks to the generalization of smartphones, tablets and computers. But considering the variety, it becomes quite difficult to choose a specific game and the choice depends not only on the game type but also on your gender, age and income. To simplify the decision, our gaming experts have compiled a list of the main criteria that will help you choose the best online game in minutes. Stay tuned!

Different genres of games

There are a huge number of game genres, each of which has its own particularity and is suitable for players with special skills and character traits. Here are some of the most common types to consider:

  • Role-playing game where you control the actions of the protagonist and experience maximum immersion in the plot
  • First-person shooters allow you to see the landscape through the eyes of the character. The main theme is weapons and missions
  • Casino games: slot machines, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and others
  • Massively multiplayer online (MMO) games are played in real time between real players from all over the world
  • Fights of all kinds. For example, karate, boxing, etc.
  • Puzzles in offline and online mode, with other players or solo. They strengthen logical thinking and problem-solving skills

Payment options accepted

Modern online games are rarely free, and you should be prepared to pay for a subscription, custom items, and other features. This is why it is very important to familiarize yourself with the available payment methods. Choose one New Zealand Online Casino with Apple Pay or a video game with Neteller and your payment and financial information will always be protected.

Game credibility

Online scams happen every day, so it’s no surprise that some games can steal your money or cause software damage. To avoid such problems, we recommend that you make sure that the chosen game has all the necessary licenses and certificates.

Number of players accepted

A less obvious but important thing to consider is the number of players that can participate in the game. Some users like competition and the adrenaline rush, so prefer games with a large number of players. Others, on the contrary, like to play at low speeds and choose single-player games.

game reviews

Another way to make the right decision is to know what other players think. Thus, you can get a lot of valuable information about a particular game or pay attention to other options. But make sure the platform is credible and unbiased. The best websites with gaming news and reviews are Destructoid, Metacritic, Nintendo Life, Game Informerand GameRadar+.

Mobile optimization

If you often play on mobile, make sure the selected game is optimized for smartphones and tablets. There should be a browser version or a native app. But even if you prefer to stick to personal computers and game consoles, don’t overlook the option of gaming on the go. Who knows, maybe your preferences will soon change?

The plot and features of the game

The criteria mentioned above are not the only ones that require your attention. When the main aspects are settled, we recommend that you consider the gameplay and features you like. For example, simple or complex navigation, free or real money games, etc. Then, narrow down the list to several options and read the rules carefully so you don’t miss anything. There’s nothing more annoying than finding out that a free game has in-game purchases.

Choosing the right game is half the success

On average, players spend 8 hours and 27 minutes per week on video games. 25% of respondents play more than 12 hours per week. Thus, it is very important to decide which game to play. You need to choose a game type, a convenient payment method and read reviews. It is also important to ensure that the game is officially licensed and has good support. But to make an informed decision, you may also need to consider other factors. For example, your budget and materials, free hours, etc. It may sound boring, but choosing the best option will definitely ensure you have a positive experience!


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