How RockLove CEO Uses Old World Jewelry Techniques For Star Wars And Marvel Collabs


Allison Cimino from RockLove Jewelry had no intention of becoming a jewelry designer – let alone one who collaborates with some of the most popular entertainment and gaming franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, and The Elder Scrolls. However, it became a natural fit after studying abroad on an apprenticeship in Florence, Italy.

“The license was not even a hint of an idea,” Cimino said. “I thought boutique jewelry was kind of the way to go and what everyone else was doing.”

After working with artists and writers, it was a collaboration Cimino did with Clive Barker, the creator of Hellraiser, that caught Star Trek’s attention. CBS then asked if RockLove wanted to create a Star Trek collection in 2014, which came with other properties that Cimino was able to create collections for as well.

“That’s why I ended up in this historical jewelry niche with things like Vikings on History Channel, Penny Dreadful and Twin Peaks. It was really all that was in history, fantasy, or science fiction. Then also, the collaborations with video games, which were still all these awesome relics that could be articulated, ”said Cimino.

Allison Cimino, CEO and Creator of RockLove Jewelry. Photo credit: GINGERBARDM3N

Cimino uses time-honored techniques that involve a very laborious, yet high-quality process for every RockLove piece of jewelry, and is known for the intricate, articulate details she includes in her designs.

Methods of historical jewelry for modern times

“With old world jewelry techniques, a lot of jewelry is handcrafted in the first place – I specifically use the lost wax casting method, which means you perfect that original and then you use a mold and a casting process to make the multiples, and it’s all done by hand, injecting wax to cast the metal, to polish it and finish it, ”Cimino explained.

“And then the cheesy factor that I like to do that a lot of people don’t necessarily recognize, but it’s just a personal jeweler’s business card, it’s that level of articulation. In Edwardian and Victorian jewelry, there was a lot of what is called mechanical jewelry, so there were lockets and things that opened or turned and turned.

Cimino explained that this historic technique diminished once the world started mass producing jewelry, so she loves to bring it back to the world today. “It’s more engineering than design. In a fast-paced fashion demographic where you can just throw in some shellac resin paint and call it a day, I want premium hard enamel where you see shiny transparency underneath, and that’s part of it. story. “

From small articulated legs that hang over Star Wars droids, to Doctor Strange and Frozen rings that spin, to a Coco guitar medallion where musical notes come out of the necklace for Mama Coco’s favorite song, Cimino finds ways. to incorporate the joint whenever she can. “These little touches tell the story, but are also a nod to hundreds of years of fine jewelry craftsmanship,” said Cimino.

RockLove Jewelry Collection Pokemon Reveal

Catch them all

To celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, RockLove revealed that its latest collection is a new Pokémon collaboration. RockLove’s current Pokémon collections are mostly made up of fan-favorite three-dimensional characters, and the new line is meant to complement what fans might already have in their collection. The new pieces focus less on characters and more on custom crystals, with the iconic Poké Ball as a minimalist focal point.

The new Pokémon collection includes: Crystal Poke Ball earrings ($ 115), Crystal Poke Ball necklace ($ 99), Crystal Poke Ball ring ($ 99) and Crystal Poke Ball earrings ($ 85 ).

“It’s even kind of telling a reinterpreted story,” Cimino said. “Maybe it’s the poke ball that catches this character. This may be the poke ball the character normally lives in. It’s open to interpretation, but it’s not just the iconography – it’s how the poke ball and the Pokemon interact and it becomes clear in this narrative.

RockLove Jewelry Crystal Poke Ball Earrings.  Photo credit: RockLove Jewelry

RockLove Jewelry Crystal Poke Ball Earrings. Photo credit: RockLove Jewelry

Work with Marvel and Disney

After years of showing off the authentic, high-quality designs Cimino can create, RockLove is now able to work with virtually any franchise they’re interested in – but it doesn’t happen overnight and usually takes at least one. year from start to finish.

When working with studios, including Disney Animation, Pixar, or Marvel, Cimino is often the one person on the team that the studios will share access to props with prior to release, and she then creates a piece from it. ‘a little preview of the series. or a movie – as with WandaVision – that’s why the RockLove collections are expanded later as more episodes or movies are previewed.

“It’s always very limited because they don’t want to spoil the magic. And even the people who work on magic only see a small part of the big picture, ”Cimino said.

“Something great in a Loki episode will inspire me and I didn’t know it before, ”Cimino explained. “So now I draw my proposal and we start the sculpture and the whole process. But, I’m inspired at the same time everyone is inspired, watching the episode as it comes out on Disney Plus. So in these cases, that’s why there will be a release of something, maybe six months later, because I’m really excited about something new.

One of the continuously expanding collections is RockLove’s Star Wars lines, which contains a mix of favorite characters and accessories from the original trilogy, the following trilogy, a special Ahsoka Tano collection, a newer Kyber Crystal collection with character lightsabers (with more releases in 2022) and The Mandalorian.

Cimino created The Meditating Child’s Necklace after watching the episode of The Mandalorian with everyone when it released on Disney +. “This is exactly where I watched the episode where he was meditating on the rock and I was just telling myself inwardly that I needed to do it like a gem or my life couldn’t go on. And so, six months later, The Meditating Child comes out and he’s just completed my creative life cycle, ”Cimino said.

RockLove on Inclusion in Industry

“The term ‘RockLove’ comes from the music and genre of the circus industry, in which two people, two artists who respect and inspire each other, together create a new art, ”explained Cimino. “So maybe you’re a dancer and a musician or an artist who paints and some other kind of figurative artist or storyteller. And you are, your Rock Loves, you come together and inspire you to create something even better together, with your artistic prowess. So it was RockLove.

RockLove’s perspective is that jewelry caters to all body types without constraints on specific bodies or genders. “That’s pretty much what your style is,” Cimino said. It doesn’t matter your body size, or your or your gender identity because if you feel like you can do it, we just want to make sure that we make sizes that fit as many people as possible.

In terms of working as a woman in the industry, Cimino said she was proud of the involvement of women in the licensing industry. “One of the things that I’m really excited and proud of is that the licensing industry is very feminine. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the CEOs, owners, and chairmen, but leadership up to the VP level people in the consumer products industry – the majority of them I work with are women.

Marvel x RockLove Doctor Strange Collection: Model Gallery (Roles)

“Even on the consumer video game side, which is a male dominated industry. There are some truly creative, amazing, organized and capable women in this category of business. I definitely want to continue to be a part of this and guide other women in this industry so that licensing can stand out as a safe space for businesswomen who can create, ”Cimino said.

RockLove collaborated with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast for the Magic: the Gathering X RockLove range, which Cimino confirms that new pieces will be added to the collection in the new year. Additionally, she revealed to IGN that the Dungeons & Dragons license has been added and that the team has created a significant amount of Dungeons & Dragons X RockLove designs that will debut in 2022.

To learn more about past RockLove collections, check out our interview with Cimino for the Star Wars at SDCC collaboration, RockLove’s Doctor Strange collection, and the recent Ahsoka Tano Star Wars line. If you’re excited for more Pokémon, find out everything we know about the upcoming Pokémon game Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Jessie Wade is the homepage manager at IGN and loves Star Wars, Marvel, and Pokemon. You can chat with her on Twitter @jessieannwade.


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