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Hitman 2 is officially open, but potential buyers are tormented by a simple question: is it Hitman 2 always online? The latest installment in the franchise has been received positively by most, but an issue like this could cause consternation among a small contingent of fans.

Is Hitman 2 Still online?

Some Hitman 2 fans have asked if the stealth game is an “always on” game, including some of our own staff. This means that a game needs to be connected to the internet to some extent for it to work, such as when unlocking achievements or trophies.

The question some gamers have is whether they need to be connected to the internet in order to play the game. Reddit user Piesize took the Hitman subreddit ask if Hitman 2 whether they had this requirement or not due to a personal internet issue they were having. Other gamers have also pre-loaded the title for download, but are wondering if they will have to wait for their internet connection to be fixed in order to play it.

For the most part yes Hitman 2 is an always-online game. In order for progress to be carried over between missions, Hitman 2 requires an internet connection. This is part of the game’s auto-save feature, which means that your save file is usually stored on the game’s cloud servers. Instead of saving game data to your hard drive, your save file is stored on the IO Interactive’s own servers and can be accessed every time you load the game, without having to manually load your own save.

It is possible for Hitman 2 players to create and play on local save files, but the game notably distinguishes between offline and online saves. Also, sticking to offline backup files disables a lot of the Hitman 2 still online features including leaderboards and the ability to earn unlocks. So in terms of just playing without an internet connection, it’s totally possible. You simply won’t earn unlocks, your save data won’t carry over between missions, and you’ll have to replay levels again when online.


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