Halo Infinite Season 2 introduces bugs and removes beloved techniques


Halo Infinite Season 2 included a large patch that created bugs while removing specific exploits widely used by professional Halo players.

The expected season 2 of Infinite HaloMultiplayer has launched with new maps and modes, but with new bugs, and the surprising removal of one specific feature is frustrating the game’s most dedicated players. For the first time in the history of the long franchise FPS, Infinite HaloThe multiplayer mode has been free since its launch last November. Unlike the previous Halo games, players can purchase a battle pass and complete challenges to unlock new cosmetics for their Spartan soldiers online.

Over the past six months, fans have had a lot of fun with Infinite Halois multiplayer. However, many players grew tired of playing the same recycled events. The lack of new maps and game modes caused many players to lose interest in the title. But with the developer promising exciting new maps and new modes like the battle royale Last Spartan Standing, many players were excited to return to Infinite Haloof season 2. While many fans are excited about the new content in season 2, pro Halo players have noticed other changes that aren’t as welcome.

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The Season 2 Update For Infinite Halo launched with new bugs and removed the ability to execute specific strategies that were popular with professional players. As reported by Kotaku, the S2 update was released earlier this week with new game modes and new maps. However, a bug is preventing the game from tracking player progress as they attempt to complete the challenges exclusive to the new Battle Royal game mode. Players lose progress for choosing to leave a Last Spartan Standing match after their limited life ends, which the game says should be allowed. Another bug causes some weapons to get stuck during Infinite Halointense multiplayer battles. Along with these bugs, pro players have also noticed that some hidden paths often used as shortcuts in multiplayer are no longer accessible, forcing many of the game’s pro players to rethink their strategies.

New Halo Infinite Maps and Modes Included in Season 2 Multiplayer

Many casual players are enjoying the new additions Season 2 has added to multiplayer. However, pro Infinite Halo players have been voicing their issues with the game for months, and the latest update’s removal of skill jumps has angered many fans. The technique included the use of shortcuts found and used by professional players to significantly save game time and helped add an extra layer of high rank strategy. Halo battles. Many players feel that removing such a feature benefits almost no one, as multiplayer matchmaking often separates players who use these types of strategies from players who don’t. The deletion punishes fans who have taken the time to learn the jumps and form strategies around them.

The expected season 2 of Infinite Halo includes lots of new content that fans have wanted. Still, it’s odd that the game’s developer chose to spend their team’s time and energy on removing a feature that was so important to the game’s high-ranking players. Many new game modes and features like the cooperative campaign arrive on Infinite Halo in its second season. However, fans would much rather see the team at 343 Industries focus on developing these new modes rather than removing key features widely used by its most dedicated fans.

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Source: Kotaku

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