Hair Contouring: The trend that sublimates your face with glamorous techniques


We see a new year in play and all was not erased from last year. Like the pandemic, but also if we were to look at the brighter side of life, it’s the beauty trend chart that continues to be filled with everything worth fading away from. Here is something you need to know to beautify your hair. Not the usual hour-long spas and coloring techniques you choose, this one is almost close to the latter but the amplified version of it.

“Hair contouring” is the term for this. Rather, it is not the one that will float that will make you appear to be fleeing. So which outline hack is this? It is a makeup technique for your hair. Just like you use shades lighter or deeper than your actual skin tone to get the correct outline, this cool hack is a fusion of a freehand app and highlight play that helps accentuate the appearance of your hair that touches the face. It depends on what features of your face you want to emphasize or what we generally call “adding definition” and just creating a shadow effect. A darker shade is used to form a shadow which in turn helps make it thinner or narrower. While a lighter shade can lengthen your face shape with a glossy finish.

It can be called the older brother of the 1970s balayage hair coloring technique which was almost similar. The key here is to understand the shape of your face and work the colors accordingly. Ask your hairstylist to walk you through the color tones that can paint an enviable picture.

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