Greg Hansen: Shaina Pellington’s evolution could end with Cats return to Final Four | Greg Hansen


If Pellington can play, shoot, score and lead her club’s offense as well as she did on Sunday, the Wildcats have the pieces to make it back to the Final Four.

Practice makes perfect, right? When her team left the field 13 minutes before kickoff, Pellington was left alone, picked up a basketball and walked slowly to the foul line. She whistled three consecutive blows. Game on.

She had six of her eight foul shots on Sunday and buried both 3-point shots. Given his defensive aggression, speed, quickness, and elite-level ball-handling skills, this led to his best game as a Wildcat; his previous record was 16 years.

She was the Pellington UA ​​fans had heard of during her two seasons in Oklahoma, 2017-18 and 2018-19, when she was the Big 12 Freshman of the Year, a 13-point-per-game scorer who has equipment: Ground.

Barnes praised Pellington’s demeanor, work ethic, and “God-given talent and all the little things that matter.”

“She’s just completely different,” Barnes said. “Her teammates love her. She’s funny. She’s completely changed in every way since the day she arrived in Arizona.

Arizona Wildcats forward Sam Thomas celebrates a 3-pointer in Sunday’s blistering win.

Rebecca Sasnett, Arizona Daily Star

Pellington fits right into Barnes’ style of defensive and tough basketball. Arizona has become a top 10 program because the Wildcats dive for loose balls, block, rebound tenaciously, and aren’t afraid to scorch their ground.


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