Gamers react to the release of Eevee Evolution


Pokemon Unite is a hugely popular free-to-play multiplayer title in the hit franchise.

It was recently revealed that Espeon would be added to the game, with the evolution of Eevee being available for the first time.

With Eevee and its evolutions being some of the most popular Pokémon in the entire franchise, the news of Espeon’s addition to the ever-evolving game has garnered a ton of reaction online from the playerbase.

Here are some of the reactions from the Pokemon Unite playerbase to Espeon’s upcoming release in the game.

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Credit: Nintendo

Pokemon Unite fans on Twitter react

The Official Pokemon Unite Twitter Account confirmed that Espeon would come to the game on Monday, May 16, 2022: “This ranged attacker uses his psychic power to predict your victory! Espeon is coming to #PokemonUNITE on 5/16.

Fans have reacted to the news since it was dropped by the developers, and many on Twitter were extremely happy that the “Eeveelution” was coming to the game.

A player Noted: “[my] Favorite eeveelution is in the game,” while another said that they or they “could start playing now.”

This point of view was shared by other players, with a Tweeter: “The second favorite pokemon is coming? Guess I’ll play again now (also keeping hope for Umbreon). »

Pokemon Unite
Credit: Nintendo

Reddit reacts

A wire on the r/Pokemon Unite Subreddit also discussed the official evolution announcement joining the game.

There were Redditors on the thread asking why the developers weren’t looking to bring more Speedsters to the game.

A player written in reaction to someone asking about Jolteon possibly coming to the game: “Jolteon probably won’t be implemented because the devs have a problem with speedsters.”

another player would notice that: “I mean that’s cool but at this point I’M DEMANDING a new speedster.”

This view was shared by player who asked, “Where are the speedsters??” so it’s not a single opinion that there aren’t enough of this type of Pokemon in the game right now.

Whether we’ll see more Eeveelutions added to the game in the future remains to be seen, but for now fans can look forward to Espeon’s imminent release in Pokemon Unite!

Pokemon Unite Eevee
Credit: Nintendo

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