Game techniques to involve to play like a pro

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Have you recently discovered that you have a lot more free time to play video games and are determined to make the most of it? You should pay attention to Dr. Matthew Barr. Barr, a professor at the Center for Computing Science at the University of Glasgow and vice-president of the British Digital Games Research Association, studies how playing video games could help gamers improve their skills, flexibility and critical thinking.

Barr explains how to use brainhacking to improve your own game here with help from Christopher “Duffman” Duff, lead analyst for League of Legends G2 powerhouses Michaela “Mimi” Lintrup, one of the most popular names. in vogue of the women’s Counter-Strike scene, and Topson of the giants of Dota OG. You have started on the path to greatness…

Break up your day

You’d be a much better player, Barr says, if you extend your playing time if you spend six hours a day doing it. he pretends. “Taking regular breaks from anything that exercises the mind is an effective method of allowing the brain to unpack more data and recharge,” says Dr. David Weiss.

Mentor an N00b

Begin your search for Luke for your Yoda while mentoring a Novice. According to Barr, teaching someone else to play a musical instrument is a great way to sharpen your mental skills. “There is a phenomenon called the sheltered effect, whereby those who teach their peers become much better able to remember information and apply it more effectively – we often see this with students during research he says.

Play with chances

In Rainbow Six Siege, communicating instructions and relaying positions can be just as important to your team’s success as killing an opponent in style from 300 yards away. Barr believes that adding a variety of individuals or guys with diverse skills to your team can improve it dramatically and keep every player on their toes. “We found that one of the reasons our children’s communication skills increased was that they had to play with other people of different levels and adapt their communication style. Therefore, if you’re playing with a lot of people you know, there may already be an abbreviated communication system that allows for a lot of non-verbal communication.

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