Football betting techniques and strategies


From the English Premier League to the Spanish Liga, passing by the Champions League, the American Major League Soccer, the game is a global phenomenon. Apart from these football events, there are also some events that take place outside of the game itself, like the transfer of players from one team to another. For example, the recent transfers of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United FC and Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain FC have generated a lot of interest in and outside the football world.

Aside from the pleasure derived from watching football as a game; via soccer betting, sports bettors use events inside and outside the game to cash in. This is because there are several markets that apply to football. In this concise game to guide On WeGamble we present to you the best techniques and effective strategies for placing bets on soccer matches:

Bet on the goals to be scored during the match

It is one of the easiest bets in football. You don’t need to do much, just research both teams. You can check things like their average goals in a game, goals conceded, and their current form.

For example, when it is a team that has scored the most goals, you can bet on a high number of goals, but if it is a team with the fewest goals, you can bet a minimum number of goals. Research is really what will help you predict how the game will go.

Place bets on corners

As stated earlier, placing bets in soccer has a very large market. So, you should also bet on corners, as it is impossible to keep the ball in the field for the 45 minutes of each half.

To get money out of this market, it is important to research certain information as well. This includes checking things like pitch size, as well as whether a team is more defensive or attacking more. When the land is small there will likely be more corners. Additionally, when the team’s tactic is to attack, they will most likely be awarded more corners.

Always place bets on favorites

It is common sense. If you are looking for a certain victory, you should always bet on the favorites of a match. For example, in a league competition, when the team at the top of the newspaper faces another team, you must bet on the team at the top of the newspaper to win the game.

However, you also need to do your research. Football can be predictable when the two competing teams are not on the same level. This is when a favorite plays against an outsider. However, sometimes the the underdogs have perfect performance and shoot a shocker. So if the team has played synergistically in their previous matches, you could bet on that less favored team to win. When such bets are successful, the odds are high and you benefit even more.

Place bets on an odd or even number of goals

This is similar to betting on the number of goals as explained above. However, here your bet is now whether the number of goals will be odd or even.

For example, when the game ends in 2: 2, it is an even number of goals, but when the score line ends in 2: 1, it is an odd number of goals that have been marked. So it’s that easy.

Bet on a draw

A football match has three possibilities. A victory, a defeat and a draw. Hence, you can take advantage of the prints market.

It is necessary to do some team history checks. This market is suitable for teams that are more defending than attacking. So when teams facing each other are known to prefer to stay behind, you need to bet on a draw between the two.

Bet on who will win the competition

This is a term bet. Compared to others above that relate to the events of the game. With this market you are betting on who will win all the competition, the odds in this market are always high because it is a future prediction.

This market applies to league competitions and cup tournaments. The most popular include the World Cup, European Football Championship, UEFA Champions League and other competitions where a winner emerges.

Bet double odds

This is a sure way to ensure you get something out of your bets. When you bet on Double Odds, you are betting on one of two events that take place in the game.

So when one of the two events occurs, you win this bet. However, the downside of such a technique is that it has low chances. To make the most of it, it is important to bet huge sums.

Bet on the goalscorer

This market involves betting on who will score in the match. To succeed in this market, all you need to do is consult the rankings of the top scorers in this competition. This gives you a good suggestion on who to choose when using this betting market.

Bet on who will score first

This is a pre-game bet. Here you place bets on which team will score first. We advise you to check the previous statistics of the teams involved in the game before using this market.

Just check which team is scoring earlier in the games, it will come in handy when using this market.

Diversify your bets

Finally, rather than placing all of your bets in one market, be sure to spread your bets across different markets.

So you can place different bets in a game. You can bet on which team will score first, who will be the goalscorer, what corners a team will have or whether a match will end in a draw.

This way, even if one of your bets doesn’t succeed, there are others you can rely on. Also make sure that these bets are small so that your bankroll is evenly distributed. Therefore, you are more likely to cash out.

Final thoughts

These are just a few of the effective techniques and strategies for placing soccer bets. There are many other markets that you can benefit from as well. However, before using any of these strategies, check the team stats and when placing bets always spread your bets across different markets.


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