Five things: discovering life through games, a photography contest, weaving techniques, etc.


It is said that play is our brain’s favorite way of learning. And here is a book that tells us exactly that. Chennai-based Vinita Sidhartha, founder of Kreeda Games, is the author of “Just Play!: Life Lessons from Traditional Indian Games” (Rupa, 2022), a book that highlights different Games and how they were relevant to people and communities, and taught us a thing or two about life and values. Could a game of snakes and ladders teach us about fleeting quality of life or could there be a hidden message of choice and luck in the chaupad, popularly known now as ludo? There is so much more to the 200 pages of this wonderful book. Find your nearest bookstore to get a copy.

“Just Play!: Life Lessons from Traditional Indian Games” is a book that highlights different games and their relevance to people and communities (Source “

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Shoot and win

Bengaluru Champaca bookstore along with independent publication The Soup Magazine is running a photography contest to win a book subscription and join their book club. The theme is “Solitude and Connection”. And the way to win a box of books is to photograph readers absorbed in reading, despite the chaos around them, in a public place, be it a park, a train, a beach, a car – anywhere, anywhere. Remember to obtain their consent before submitting your application. The contest ends on July 15, Friday, 8 p.m. Share the photo (only one entry per person) and story and tag @soupgram #ReadinginPublicSpaces. The competition will be judged by documentary photographer Slogan Murugan aka Gopal MS, which archives @mumbaipaused. The results will be announced on July 18, on the organizers’ Instagram handles.

Paint the evening red

Mumbai is once again celebrating ArtNightThursday and this time too, it promises to have exciting new works, hosted in 10 venues including Chemould Prescott Road, Tao Art Gallery, Akara Art, Tarq and Jhaveri Contemporary. While architect Samira Rathod presents “Dismantaling Building: A Kit of Parts”, Chatterjee & Lal presents the “Autobiography of a Line”, while there are group exhibitions at Akara Art and Galerie Isa. So keep your Thursday free for this walk through art. For more details, visit:

Watch a weaver

When Pitchuka Mallikarjuna Rao arrives in New Delhi next week, he will demonstrate the well-known weaving techniques of the Ponduru jamdani, from Srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh. Made famous as the fabric that Mahatma Gandhi beloved, the khadi of this coastal belt comes from unique varieties of hill cotton found in and around the region. With the number of skilled weavers dwindling to just a handful, it will be interesting to meet and watch Mallikarjuna Rao as he explains the specialty of his fabric. July 21, 3:30-7:00 p.m. at Kankatala, F-40, First Floor, near Dharam, Southern Extension Part 1, New Delhi.

To agree

“You can be a hero and be wrong,” says Maisie, the parallel protagonist of The beast from the sea, now streaming on Netflix. Disney director Chris Williams brings ideas for 20000 Leagues Under the Sea and Herman Melville Moby-Dick in the story of his dream project. The film tells us it’s time to defeat our monsters and take control of our destiny. The director of Mona Williams brings us ample adventure and action in this animated film.

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