Far Cry 6 proves the series needs an evolution (not a live-service model)


Far cry 6, while it received mostly positive reviews upon its release, also proves it’s time for the series to finally evolve. As fun as running around the world of Far cry 6 maybe sometimes he should have innovated more than he did. New additions helped refine the gameplay of the series, but there was ultimately quite a bit that separated it from Far cry 5, or some of the many other spin-offs Ubisoft has released in recent years.

Unfortunately, as much a series evolution is necessary, as it seems more and more likely that Ubisoft’s idea of ​​a Far cry the review may well turn the next game into a live serve. Ubisoft is apparently excited to convert its larger IPs to games as service titles, with the latest news indicating that Far cry 7 will also be in live service. This is hardly surprising, because the Far cry games always seemed like they would be fairly easy to convert to a live service model, but unfortunately something like this wouldn’t fix any of the Far cryis real problems.


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the Far cry the series needs a real total overhaul, and one that does not correspond to the other titles developed by Ubisoft. As fun as Far cry 6 Maybe at times, its recycled mechanics and the relatively unenthusiastic response from fans prove that the series needs a real change. This change is highly unlikely to come from a live service transition, and the series should instead focus on overhauling its core mechanics.

Far Cry Games has failed to innovate over the years

Far Cry 6 first person gameplay

The consensus of many Far cry 6Reviews of were that it offered a refined but familiarly disappointing experience. the Far cry the series has changed little since Far cry 3, which came out almost 10 years ago. Far cry 3 propelled the series to mainstream success, but each title felt like trying to recapture what made it so successful in the first place, taking players to various hostile locations, each with their own charismatic villain and imbalance.

Far Cry 4, 5, 6, and even the multiple derivative games all followed the same basic formula, changing little other than the setting each time. Each Far cry focuses on a rebellious protagonist and tasks the player with defeating some sort of dictator or person in power. Along the way, they climb towers to uncover the map, invade enemy bases to wipe out the forces of the big bad, and unlock an assortment of weapons and vehicles to use in their quest. It’s a fun formula that obviously works, but it might have gotten stale by this point, and Far cry 6 did not make the necessary changes to invigorate it.

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Every game in the series has tried to make slight changes to the formula while keeping the core mechanics intact, but the changes Far cry 6 fact are among the worst that the series has attempted at this point. For example, the skill tree that many fans have become accustomed to over the course of the series has been removed and replaced with upgrades and upgrades. Far cry 6 players get different outfits and cosmetics. It’s an odd move for several reasons – firstly, because it erases the continued sense of progression that players may have enjoyed in previous games, and secondly, because it also seems odd to put so much emphasis on an outfit system in a game that’s mostly first-person, where the player can rarely see their character’s outfits anyway.

Far Cry 6’s new features weren’t convincing

Far Cry 6 Supremo Medico Backpack

Unfortunately, with so much emphasis on the outfits in Far cry 6 could lay the groundwork for the series’ live-service transition, as giving players different outfits to strive towards is a key feature of most live-action games. Again, going further in this direction will not solve Far cry‘s – this will only make them even more prevalent. One of the main complaints made during the series is the boredom players experience when they repeat their main tasks over and over again. Climb a radio tower to discover Far cry 6Huge Yara Island or wiping out an enemy base without being seen can be fun the first or second time the player does it, but having to do the same tasks over and over again ends up getting old. Yes Far cry becomes a live service style game, it will probably rely even more on these features, as it will have to ensure that the player has a lot of repeatable daily tasks to complete. This is the last thing Far cry needs, because again it is much more of the same product.

Despite good reviews, Far cry 6 seemed to have less surrounding buzz compared to previous entries in the series. In fact, after release, it looked like the game’s DLC containing the previous ones Far cry Villains like Vaas were what excited the fan base the most. The excitement and buzz surrounding the unique DLC shows that Far cry fans are looking for innovation and change, and if Ubisoft delivered this in a base game, rather than just an add-on, it would likely be well received.

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A future Far cry the game must radically change the Far cry formula, while also making new games feel like part of the series. Ubisoft has already proven that it can do this, as it has done the exact same thing with its Assassin’s Creed series. the Assassin’s Creed games hit their breaking point around Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and Ubisoft responded by changing the series after Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, adding much deeper RPG elements from The origins of Assassin’s Creed. It’s not clear if adding deeper RPG elements would help revive the Far cry brand in the same way, but at the very least, it shows that fans are receptive to change and want to see their games evolve, instead of repetitive versions.

Although this is a solid game, it is possible that Far cry 6The lasting legacy of could be the game that forced the series to reboot. Previous Ubisoft franchises have faced similar reboots in the past, and the success of Assassin’s Creed Following Origins illustrates that Far cry can do the same. Hopefully Ubisoft decides that means revising the core issues of the game rather than just pushing the same issues into a live service model.

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