Evolution Gaming Launches New Crazy Time Online Game


At ICE 2020, Evolution Gaming introduced a new title called Crazy Time, making it its headliner. The game quickly gained public interest and players were eagerly awaiting the title’s release. Well, that time is now. Evolution has launched Crazy Time, offering players an action-packed game with several bonus games. The title is part of the game show category, one of the fastest growing categories for the developer.

Based on Dream Catcher Money Wheel:

The new game is based on the Dream Catcher silver wheel concept created by Evolution. However, this time around, the title includes four bonus games. That’s more than Evolution has ever offered in a single title.

At the center of the game is the spinning silver wheel. On the steering wheel, players will find the four bonus options: Cash Hunt, Crazy Time, Coin Flip and Pachinko. These options will take players to the bonus round.

The game took a while to develop, up to a year in fact. During the pre-launch phase, the players showed great interest and the developer hopes the enthusiasm will continue with the full-scale launch. It offers such a varied experience that it captures the audience from the start. It’s similar to a game show because the participation aspect is what makes the game so appealing.

Evolution’s Chief Product Officer Todd Haushalter commented on the new game, saying, “The goal was to create a game that was so entertaining that people would just like to watch it as they would a game show. To achieve this, we knew we needed a lot of variety and to make the players the competition in the series. The variety comes in the form of hefty bonus rounds that take players into different side games, all of which are distinctly different and entertaining in themselves.

We know this game will appeal to slots players and we really wanted to keep them entertained, and to do that, we filled each part with a lot of action, also making it longer than a typical slot game. We believe gamers get great entertainment value with every bet in this game.

New addition to Blackjack:

Evolution has been very busy creating new content this year. Along with the launch of the new Crazy Time, the developer took care of table games. At the beginning of June, Evolution announced a new title in the live dealer sector, Power blackjack.

This game also debuted at ICE 2020 and offers unlimited seating at a table. Players can increase the winning potential in this game by choosing to double, triple or quadruple the bet from the first to the cards dealt. This can be done even after a split.

These two new games offer a unique gaming experience. It will be interesting to see what else the developer has to offer this year, as there is still plenty of time to release innovative new games!


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