Evolution and player lock are the logical next steps for Diamond Dynasty


MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty is the most comprehensive and user-friendly collectible mode available to esports players. That said, the next step in the growth of the mode should be the inclusion of the concepts of evolution and player lock.

Grinds will always be part of a Collector Mode experience. The trick is to make the grind enjoyable and not the strenuous chore necessary to reap the game’s greatest rewards.

For the most part, MLB The Show does the best job of circumventing these obstacles and accentuating the softer points of The Show’s gameplay. However, there are at least two missing pieces that could make the grinding part of DD deeper and even more fun.

It’s time for evolution or Legacy cards

Players are currently scrambling to build their teams by trying to acquire the best cards and build strong rosters. That’s great, but there aren’t enough opportunities to turn a marginal or decent player card into a great card.

Having the option to evolve a young prospect or a younger version of a retired legend, current superstar, or even your ball player from Road to the Show would add another layer to the journey.

The Parallel XP concept is apparently made for this configuration, and therefore, it may be a planned evolution for the mode. Imagine having a rookie version of Clayton Kershaw that you could evolve into the first iteration of the future Hall-of-Famer.

Player Lock is a great addition

To take this concept a step further, offering a player lock option for play-vs-CPU games, and even seasons against live-series CPU teams would provide yet another layer to the DD experience. Players could work to evolve or improve the PXP of specific players. Additionally, in a seasons mode concept, there could be an added bonus for completing single game, series, month or season challenges.

It’s basically providing some of the Road to the Show experience and franchise mode to DD.

This would give users another way to complete challenges and experience DD. As it stands, the only Player Lock experiences come in Moments challenges, but it would be great to have that single-player focus in Play vs CPU games.

It’s only June, but we’re waiting to see if that’s the direction Sony San Diego is taking the franchise in 2023.


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