Every Evolution of Eevee in Pokémon BDSP (and how to get them)


Eevee is one of the most recognizable Pokémon in the franchise, thanks to its many evolutions, and players will be able to find most of them in Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl Pokémon. With its unique ability to evolve into Pokémon of several different types, Eevee is one of the most versatile Pokémon in the game, as well as a fan favorite. Each of its evolutions are among the most powerful Pokémon of their type and can excel in competitive teams and casual games.

Eevee can be captured in the Pokémon Mansion Trophy Garden once players have obtained the National Pokédex, but it will not appear there every day. Mr. Backlot will notify Trainers of Pokémon that can be found in the Garden that day when they speak to him in his office. However, Trainers can also get an Eevee by talking to Bebe in Hearthome City once they unlock the National Pokédex. His house is the one on the right side of the Pokémon Center. Players can visit the Trophy Garden or breed Baby’s Eevee with a Ditto at the Solaceon Town Pokémon Nursery to get more than one Eevee.


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However, since none of the Eeveelutions can be captured in the wild, they must be evolved from Eevee to add them to the National Dex. Shiny diamond and shiny pearl uses the original Gen IV National Dex from Diamond & Pearl, so there are 7 Eeveelutions in the game, including Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon Umbreon, Leafeon and Glaceon. Unfortunately, as Sylveon was not added to the series until the introduction of Fairy-type Pokémon in Gen V, it is not available in Shiny diamond and shiny pearl.

How to get Vaporeon in Pokémon BDSP

Vaporeon evolves when players use a Water Stone on Eevee in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The Water-type Eeveelution, Vaporeon, is one of the first three Eeveelutions introduced in Generation I. Players will be able to obtain this Pokémon in Shiny diamond and shiny pearl using a Water Stone on Eevee. Water Stones can be found by searching for treasure in the Great Underground of Sinnoh, but there are also two that can be found on Route 213 and Route 230 in the outside world of Sinnoh. Vaporeon is considered one of the strongest Eeveelutions because it has the highest HP stat in the bunch.

How to get Jolteon in Pokémon BDSP

Pokémon BDSP Best Competitive Electric-type Jolteon

Jolteon is the electric-type evolution of Eevee, and this Pokémon can be evolved by giving Eevee a Thunder Stone. Like Water Stones, Thunder Stones can be found while mining in the Great Sinnoh Underground, but players will also be able to find one behind the Sunyshore City Lighthouse. Jolteon has a huge movement pool and the ability to deal a massive amount of damage, and he has the highest speed stat of all Eeveelutions.

How to get Flareon in Pokémon BDSP

Flareon evolves when Trainers use a Fire Stone on Eevee in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The Fire-type evolution of Eevee, Flareon, is the last Eeveelutions introduced in Generation I. To evolve Eevee into Flareon, trainers must give her a Fire Stone, and although these can be found in the Grand Underground like the other Evolution Stones, there’s also one lying on the ground in the Fuego Ironworks north of Route 205. Flareon is sometimes considered one of the worst evolutions, but his statistic is High attack gives him great potential as a physical sweeper.

How to get Espeon in Pokémon BDSP

Espeon in the Pokémon anime

Two other Eeveelutions joined the franchise in Gen II, including the Psychic-type Espeon. Unlike previous Gen I Eeveelutions, Espeon will only evolve once his Friendship stat is high enough during the day. Of course, it depends on the Switch’s in-game clock, so players will need to be sure the sun is up or the clock is set for daytime while also increasing their Eevee’s friendship in the game. Shiny diamond and shiny pearl.

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Friendship can be increased by fighting together and walking the Overworld together, but giving Eevee a calming bell to hold will increase the speed at which her friendship grows. They can also feed the Poffin Pokémon he likes or take him to the Massage Girl in Veilstone City for a massage. Espeon can learn several excellent charged attacks and has a great special attack stat, making him one of the heaviest hitters in Eeveelutions.

How to get Umbreon in Pokémon BDSP

Pokémon BDSP Best Dark-type Competitive Umbreon

Like Espeon, Umbreon is one of the Gen II evolutions that evolves by increasing his friendship. However, since this is the Dark-type Eeveelution, trainers will need to increase its friendship level at night to evolve it. A Pokémon’s Friendship Level Can Be Checked Shiny diamond and shiny pearl by tapping on the Pokétch screen. Pokémon with a higher Friendship stat will move to the player’s hand and display larger hearts while Pokémon with a low Friendship stat will move away. Of all the Eeveelutions, Umbreon has the best defense and special defense stats, which makes him a great wall to add to any team.

How to get Leafeon in Pokémon BDSP

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Leafeon

After a gap in Gen III, two more Eeveelutions were introduced in Diamond & Pearl, including Leafeon. Generation IV Eeveelutions introduced a new evolution mechanic that required players to be in a specific area of ​​the game to evolve their Eevee to these new forms and to evolve Eevee into a Grass-type Leafeon; players will need to find the mossy boulder in the most northwestern corner of Eterna Forest. Standing near this rock and leveling Eevee will evolve into Leafeon. This can be done either by fighting wild Pokémon in adjacent spaces, or by giving Eevee a rare candy, which will instantly level him up.

How to get Glaceon in Pokémon BDSP

Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Glaceon.webp

Along with Leafeon, Glaceon was the other new Eeveelution introduced to the franchise in Gen IV, and he shares his unique method of evolution in Shiny diamond and shiny pearl. This Ice-type Pokémon will only evolve if players level their Eevee near the frozen boulder of Route 217. This boulder is behind the northernmost house surrounded by grass in the upper right corner of the Route near the road. entrance to Snowpoint City. Glaceon has one of the highest special attack stats of any ice type in the game, and with the ability to learn powerful moves like Ice Beam and Snow Cloak, Glaceon is a great candidate for trainers looking to to add a type of ice cream to their team.

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Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl Pokémon are available on Nintendo Switch.

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