Elder Scrolls Online Game Director Outlines PvP Plans Following Backlash From Developer’s Personal Stream


Recent comments about the state of the PvP experience in The Elder Scrolls Online on the game’s creative director’s personal stream led to an official statement from developer Zenimax Online outlining steps being taken to improve the situation.

The drama began a few days ago during the personal visit of ESO Creative Director Rich Lambert. twitch stream. As detailed by Massively mastered, Lambert regularly streams on his personal account, and his wife, Terri Lambert (who is not an employee of Zenimax Online), also makes frequent appearances. All proceeds from the Lamberts’ streams are donated to various charities.

During a discussion about accessibility, a player asked about “PvP accessibility”, referring to ongoing issues with ESO’s PvP modes. It’s clear that these two topics aren’t the same, leading Terri Lambert, who was leading the stream at the time, to make crying gestures, say “nice try” and declare that she doesn’t. ‘has “no sympathy for PvP” as she knows the devs are working on fixing various PvP related issues.

It looks like Rich Lambert knew the situation could land him in hot water, as he can be seen in the background (with a parrot on his shoulder) immediately lowering his head once Terri starts talking about the subject. It didn’t take long for angry fans to post messages about the game. official forums and on Reddit about the stream, using the clip and taking it out of context to throw hate at both the Lamberts and Zenimax Online.

Lag and technical issues have long plagued ESO’s PvP, with Lambert back in 2020 explaining that the fact that players can cast an almost unlimited amount of continuous area of ​​effect abilities in a small area overwhelms the game’s servers. persists, which at least partly explains the frustration of some players with the comments made in streaming.

Now a official statement from Game Director Matt Firor outlines the concrete steps the team is taking to improve PvP. Although the statement makes no direct mention of the stream controversy, Firor admits it’s “high time to give everyone an update” on the status of the PvP improvements and says the team will rewrite some of the fundamental server code to augment the server. performance.

“We’ve been planning this since last quarter and we’re starting to work on it right now,” Firor says. “But, as you can imagine, changing the fundamentals of a massive live game such as ESO is a delicate, multi-step process, so expect it to take much of 2022.”

Firor goes on to state that no new PvP features will be implemented until the extensive work of restructuring and then retesting the game servers is completely complete. The developers will continue to work on bug fixes and consider other ways to keep PvP exciting, such as weekend events or adding special rules.

“We fully understand the frustration many of you are feeling, especially with the lack of information about our PvP plans,” Firor wrote. “It was a huge decision to make and we had to make sure we had exhausted all other avenues before announcing this.”

ESO is preparing to unveil its next year-long adventure on January 27, an adventure that seeks to take players across the sea for a new adventure.

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