Eilers-Fantini: Light & Wonder secure May’s top spot as Evolution maintains momentum


Light & Wonder secured two top-five finishes in the last Eilers-Fantini online game performance reportwhereas Evolution also strengthened its position.

The old society Zeus 2 title bumped the rankings from 55th to first place in May, and momentum was also sapped for his 88 Fortune match, which remained in the top five despite falling from first to third.

Meanwhile, Evolution stayed fit like LiveDealerRoulette and Bargain took fourth and fifth place – rising from fifth and falling from third respectively – while IGTit is black jack held steady in second place, previously first.

the most recent entrants to the market, have seen real gameit is 10000 Wonders 10K Ways as a standout performer, maintaining his first position while remaining eighth overall.

Additionally, Inspired continued to impress with the company’s two latest releases, space invaders and Double Cash Spinnersat in second and third places – in the event that the first retained his position, while the second rose from sixth place.

Overall, the duo came in 19th and 24th, a slight drop in the case of Space Invaders who previously held 11th place, but an improvement for Double Cash Spinner from 45th place.

From a GGR perspective, Evolution continued to lead the way from the previous month’s report, accounting for 27.7% of total GGR – albeit down slightly from the previous figure of 30%.

IGT and Light & Wonder also maintained their status at second and third place respectively, accounting for 24.4% and 18.6% of total GGR.

Published monthly, the Eilers-Fantini Report collects gaming performance data directly from online operators to track gaming performance in North America’s nascent online casino market – in which online casino is legal in the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia

The report aims to expand its database, similar to that of the Eilers-Fantini Land Games Performance Index.

For May, the report tracked 28 online casino sites, analyzing 1,520 themes and 29,568 games – representing 57% of the industry as a whole, although Eilers-Fantin says this is “not necessarily representative of the ‘entire North American gaming market‘.

Operators participating in the survey come from five major igaming states – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, West Virginia and Michigan.

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The development led the way in terms of overall market saturation, with the provider’s releases accounting for 24.5% of the total games available across the five jurisdictions, 88.2% of which were slots.

The move was followed by Light & Wonder – shortly after rebranding the visual identity provider from Scientific Games – at 21.1%, of which 89% of releases were slots, and at third place by IGT at 15.2%, of which 83.3% were slots.

In third place were High 5 Games at 7.7%, followed by Everi (5.5%) and Ainswoth 3.9%, with all three being unique niche providers.

Indeed, slot machine games remain by far the most dominant vertical in the gambling market in the five sampled states, with 90.3% of total releases being these products.

Not surprisingly, table games were the second most played vertical with 4.8%, followed by live casino (1.9%), video poker (1.7%), instant games (0.7 %), lottery (0.3%) and bingo/keno 0.2% and virtual sports (0.1%).

Finally, by analyzing device usage, Eilers-Fantini found that mobile remained the most popular gaming medium in all five states, followed by desktop, then tablets.

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