Dragon Ball: 9 techniques that Pan only has in video games


It’s not uncommon for popular anime series to disappear only to return with vengeance, but Akira Toriyama Dragon ball is a rare example of an anime that has remained a part of the public consciousness since its inception. Not only is there so much Dragon ball content to be consumed through anime, manga, and feature films, but there is also a long history between Dragon ball and video games, which helped develop the story.

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Those Dragon ball video games are also excellent opportunities to provide neglected characters, such as Pan, with a more appropriate level of attention. Dragon ball video games can forge original stories and introduce new characters, but they also take impressive liberties when it comes to new techniques exclusive to video games for his characters.

9 Destructo Disc transforms mighty energy into sharp retaliation

Games Dragon Ball Xenoverse Destructo-Discs

The Destructo Disc is an extremely powerful energy technique during the first chapters of Dragon ball z, but it never disappears completely. The razor sharp maneuver is most often considered to be Krillin’s signature technique, but it’s hardly an exclusive ability, and others like Goku use it as the series continues. It’s likely that Krillin or Goku could have taught Pan Destructo Disc in the anime, but she never saw the attack carried out. The Destructo Disc is available in large quantities in Xenoverse 2, which allows Pan to confidently use the energy technique.

8 Solar flare is a reliable way to blind the enemy

Dragon Ball Solar Flare Attack games

The majority of Dragon ball‘s the most coveted energy techniques are those that inflict massive damage to the enemy. A strong attack should never be underestimated, but sometimes it is even more beneficial to temporarily disable the opponent. The Solar Flare releases extremely bright energy that blinds anyone nearby. It is a technique which characters like yours, Krillin and Goku all leaned on them. Solar Flare is not too intense to learn, so it is a natural technique for Pan to know. However, its capacity utilization only occurs when the Xenoverse video games.

7 The afterimage technique is an effective way to confuse the competition

Anime Dragon Ball Goku Afterimage Technique vs. Korin

Dragon ball never stop presenting deadly techniques to master for his characters, creating an even higher level of humble nostalgia for some of the techniques learned in the original Dragon ball series. Back in the days when Goku relied on conventional martial arts, the Afterimage technique was an impressive way to trick the opponent into moving at intense speeds to create duplicate illusions.

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Afterimage Technique is another standard ability that does not exceed Pan’s capabilities. She experiences this in the Dragon ball video games, especially in the Xenoverse series, but that would not have been moved in Dragon Ball GT.

6 Rolling Hercules Punch keeps everything in the family

Dragon Ball Rolling Hercule Punch Games

Hercules Satan is a polarizing character who enters the second half of Dragon Ball Z. The character is a showboating swagger who lacks real power but makes up for it with his wacky ego and imagination. A large number of Attacks against the Hercules brand are glorified wrestling maneuvers that put its name in the performance. Rolling Hercules Punch is a sophisticated way to punch the opponent, and it’s one of Pan’s most dangerous super skills in Xenoverse. Presumably, Pan learned this technique from his grandfather, Hercules, but it is worth developing in the anime.

5 Fusion Allows Pan To Contribute His Power To A Bigger Goal

Games Dragon Ball Fusions Pan Five-Way Fusion

Fusion is a concept that Dragon ball can’t stop playing with it after its introduction. It has mainly been used for Goku and Vegeta as well as Goten and Trunks, but it is a popular procedure that anyone can learn with the right training. Pan is too young and not strong enough to be considered for fusion in the anime, but Dragon ball‘s video games are seriously embracing fusion. Dragon ball fusion teach Pan how perform five and ultra merges. Curiously, his experience with the Para Para Brothers in Dragon ball gt makes her embarrassed by dancing.

4 Meteor Strike bombards the enemy until submission is inevitable

Games Dragon Ball Xenoverse Meteor Strike

Dragon ball video games have a ton of existing techniques from anime and manga to draw from, but one of the biggest contributions to Dragon ball‘s video game world are Meteor Strike maneuvers. There are many variations of Meteor, but these are common Super Skills within the Xenoverse series of games.

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Meteor Strike is particularly robust as Pan combines kicks and speeds to bombard his enemy with disorienting blows. Presumably, Pan picked up Meteor Strike from one of his family members or Trunks, who also knows the technique of Xenoverse.

3 Eagle Kick packs a lot of power into a focused shot

Anime Dragon Ball Z Eagle Kick Videl vs. Spopovich

Most energy techniques Dragon ball are executed with the hands, which makes it easy to overlook foot combat maneuvers. It’s unusual to draw energy from your feet, but the Eagle Kick is a super attack that lets the enemy see stars. Pan gives effective punches and kicks Dragon ball gt, but the boosted Eagle Kick is reserved for Xenoverse 2. Eagle Kick may pale in comparison to other attacks, but there’s an added level of appreciation here since Pan claims to have learned the technique from his mother, Videl.

2 The Rage Saucer is a specialty among infected fighters

Games Dragon Ball Xenoverse Rage Saucer Attack

Dragon ball video games often benefit from the original and hypothetical stories they tell. Many of these characters feature heroes who either became infected or were pushed to the dark side for various reasons. Pan is a beacon of positivity in the animated series, but there are circumstances that play out in Xenoverse 2 which results in an evil version of the character, Supervillain Pan. The Rage Saucer is a series of quick attacks that are fueled by strong dark energy and can target multiple opponents at once. It is a mark of many naughty versions of characters, not just Pan.

1 The Sledgehammer is a sturdy way to anchor the enemy

The Sledgehammer technique, also commonly referred to as the double-ax hilt, is a two-fisted attack that swoops down on the enemy. Sledgehammer may seem a little superfluous in nature, but it is one of the best ways to knock back the enemy on the ground when they are at the top of the height in the air. Sledgehammer locks both fists together, only to slam them on the opponent and send them flying to the ground. It’s weird that Pan never uses it directly in the anime, but it’s quite visible in Xenoverse 2.

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