Dorset Storm 78-101 Bridport Evolution: visitors seal perfect record


BRIDPORT Evolution scored a century of points in their last Dorset Association Conference A match, defeating Poole-based Dorset Storm 101-78.

Bridport knew it would be a tough game after their first game just a few weeks ago saw them narrowly win by just 10 points, but Evolution started off strong with some deep three points made by Angus Pudge and Piotr Lason to put the team in the right tempo.

Storm fired back with a great under-basket appearance and Bridport’s defense struggled to contain the young team leading to early fouling issues. This gave Storm the chance to take the lead in finishing the first quarter 23-22.

Evolution fought in the second quarter with tactical and well-converted offensive plays to regain the advantage.

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With Jeff Robertshaw finding his rhythm and leading to the basket, Bridport came back on top to finish the half 48-36.

After a few strong words from the Dorset Storm coach at half-time, the home side were the ones who looked stronger and executed their shots from a distance, but Evolution kept him close with huge defensive agitation from Chris Canham and Lason.

In the dying minutes of the third quarter, Bridport stepped up further to lead them 71-58 in the final 10 minutes.

The final quarter was all about consistency and structure for Evolution as Storm began to crumble with a few errors created, resulting in forced turnovers for Lason and Robertshaw of Bridport to find opportunities for a quick break and push further. to close the match to end 2021 with a victory.

Evolution have now finished the conference 6-0, which brought them to Division 1 in January for the first time.

Notes: P Lason 30 (MVP), A Pudge 24, J Robertshaw 23, C Canham 14, C Sorrell 4, D Ormsby 4, J Trivett 2, B Stocker, G James.


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