Decorate your shopping carts with the online game from Savers Appliances


Win an e-voucher worth up to P2,000

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Most Christmas parties are starting to wind down, and I just have to ask: how’s it going for you so far? Did you win anything in the corporate and meeting raffles? If yes, no all (I hope everyone is as lucky as you). If not, don’t worry, because the holiday cheer isn’t over until Savers Appliances says so.

This season, the retailer is not holding back its holiday offerings and pakulo (offers). Along with continuously offering discounts through promotions such as Yuletide Treats, they’ve also launched a fun way to give us more chances to save on our dream gadgets and devices – the holiday card set online game.

So how is it going ? It’s not some kind of hard blackjack – just a simple card matching game!

READY. Put your memory to the test for some good gifts.

Head to the game website to register Your registered information will serve as login data. Note that only one account can be created per mobile number.

Once done, go ahead and play! In 60 seconds you will have to match pairs of cards as fast as possible. Each matching pair earns you 30 points, with a total of 10 game levels to complete. However, you won’t be able to climb if you’re not fast enough. Moreover, you only have two game tokens per day (read: 2 opportunities to play) you will therefore have to give everything to get the most points possible and reach the weekly ranking.

If you’re in the weekly top 3, lucky you! – you will stand to win a P2,000, P1,000Where P500 e-voucher to use on your next purchase on Savers Appliances Online Store.

Simple, right? You have until January 16, 2021 player!

To sign up and read the full mechanics, visit the Holiday Card Game Site. You can also check out Device Savers in line and Lazada stores to see their list of products, as well as other discounts you may be eligible for.

Don’t give up on your wishlist just yet! Take this chance to save with Savers Appliances. –


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