China limits variety: online gambling giants must get rid of “effeminate” representations


It is a concept that effeminate images do not correspond to men who will have to “protect the country”.

China limits diversity: video game giants will have to eliminate

The Chinese government has long attempted to regulate the online gambling trade, at least within its borders. The order of closure given through the rustic has exceeded the industrial activities and the addictions expected to video games on the part of the inhabitants: now they attack variety in virtual adventures. Online gambling giants, such as Tencent or NetEase, have been summoned by the country’s government to talk about male illustration within online gambling, which is seen too “effeminate” for conservatives, the elderly and leaders of the celebration of the communist anniversary.

In this sense, regulators have ordered better resistance to the transmission of “unusual aesthetics” and suggest for an extra masculine illustration, as reported by Yahoo! Since, in accordance with the point of view of Chinese-language news companies, it is considered that the online gaming industry should be reformed: should be eradicated.

China limits diversity: video game giants will have to eliminate

A number of political leaders believe that video games melt natureThe goal of the Chinese government is to avoid the likelihood that Chinese-speaking residents will be nurtured by the values ​​of online gambling and are perceived as weakerThus, according to a professor affiliated with the College of Hong Kong, “effeminate men are physically vulnerable and emotionally fragile”, and “men” women “cannot protect the country”. This responds to speculation from some political leaders who believe that “the excessive use of video games also contributes to a softening of the personalities of younger men.”

In any case, it is also emphasized that heterosexuality is perceived as one gender norm, which generates “anguish” for teams whose representations are far from this sexuality and this identification. China all the time you may have attempted to regulate the scope of online gambling In his country, it is one thing that has led minors to have access to this hobby for at least 3 hours a week.

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