Chiefs’ Andy Reid on coaching evolution, NIL’s potential impact on NFL


The Kansas City Chiefs’ offseason continues with OTAs following the schedule as players and coaches prepare for a new season that is rapidly approaching. Andy Reid is constantly working as usual but will occasionally come out publicly for an interview.

A revered and respected coach for 13 seasons in Philadelphia, the current Chiefs head coach has never been shy about reliving his past glory. Reid was a guest of Sports Take with Derrick Gunn, Barrett Brooks and Rob Ellis to talk about his legacy with the Eagles and his thoughts on how the league has evolved since leaving for Kansas City. The former NFL Coach of the Year spoke about his evolution as a head coach over the years and the league’s ever-changing future with NIL in college football.

“No, not much,” Reid said of any changes in training methods over the years. “I try to deal with the big ones the best I can. Both sides of the ball. I try to make sure we can get a good, solid quarterback to get that in line. Corners, I think , are important. So I kept that part. The way I treat the players, I think, is very similar. The media is different now, you know Barrett (Brooks) compared to when you were in the game and when I got in, so you have to deal with everything. Everyone is a journalist now. I mean players included. So everyone, everyone has a voice, and so this part is a little bit different.

Since the introduction of NIL offers last summer, offering student-athletes the opportunity to earn money with their “name, image and likeness”, the influx of young, more business-minded players has affected the future landscape. of the NFL. Players who are already making money in a college setting have more options in their progression to becoming a professional, prompting head coaches like Reid to consider different variables going forward.

“We’re going to have a new generation coming in here with kids who are in college and making money now, and so that’s going to add another dimension to that,” Reid explained. “There is no portal here. . . Once you’re in, I got you. Yeah, but it’s a little different, right? It’s, I mean, it’s a little bit different. But you just have to keep this whole process of maturing – this thing is endless – it’s always, you have to keep growing. And once you get stuck in your ways, you probably need to get out.

Reid is the only NFL head coach to win 100 games and appear in four consecutive conference championships with two different franchises. He is destined for the Hall of Fame and has built a career that will be almost impossible to match.


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