Charles Glass reveals his 4 best bodybuilding techniques


Charles Glass reveals his 4 best bodybuilding methods.

Charles Glass showcased his 4 best muscle building techniques in a recent Instagram post. The legendary bodybuilder and trainer gives detailed wisdom on how these techniques can completely change your physique.

There are few legends who know the game as well as Charles Glass. An accomplished bodybuilder turned trainer, Glass has helped train some of the most talented bodybuilders of all time. One of those contenders is the great Dexter Jackson who managed to win the 2008 Olympia title with the help of Glass.

Always seeking to impart knowledge to the masses, Charles Glass recently published an article detailing the methods he uses to get his clients in top shape. Not only is it capable of helping the best bodybuilders, but it can also help the average Joe get into great shape.

Two-step representative

Like a pause repetition, the two-step repetition allows you to recruit even more muscle fibers for each repetition. You pause at the bottom of the movement, push off halfway through the repetition, and then finish it. It makes your muscles work even harder.

Forced representative

Forced reps are performed with the help of a trainer or training partner. While performing the movement, your partner helps you push yourself off when fatigue begins to set in. It can be done with lighter weight to avoid injury. The assist helps an athlete to recruit additional muscle fibers which contribute to the overall development of the entire muscle group.


By performing two exercises back to back with little or no rest, it doubles the work on the muscles. The more the muscles are solicited, the more the muscle fibers are solicited. This allows for accelerated growth with good recovery.

Method 21

The 21-method requires the athlete to do partial reps for half the set, then lift the weight with a full range of motion for the second half. This is a pretty brutal method and can be done with 40% or less of your maximum lift. The method is demonstrated by none other than 2008 Olympic champion Dexter Jackson.

Charles Glass training

To see all the techniques implemented, take a look at this workout below featuring legend Charles Glass himself..


Here are 4 of my favorite intensive muscle building techniques, which I use to help my clients add muscle tissue faster and get the most out of their workout.

Try them out and send this video to your friends and gym buddies! Help me spread the word.

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