Brutal and ruthless techniques Next month the RPG Wartales will be available to play


Wartales, a mercenary business simulator, received a release date during this weekend’s MIX Next internet showcase for upcoming indie games. On Wednesday, December 1, this gritty epic from the creators of Northgard releases in Early Access.

“The response to Wartales’ reveal at this summer’s PC Gaming Show has been better than we could have imagined,” said gaming director Nicolas Cannasse. “We can’t wait to open the doors to Edoran with the launch of Wartales on Steam Early Access on Wednesday, December 1. Sharpen your blades, equip your best armor, and get ready for a dark fantasy open-world adventure!”

Wartales is a strategy game about the command of a band of mercenaries in Edoran, a little fancy setting. In turn-based battles that emphasize the importance of positioning, players journey through plague-ravaged land, assembling a warband and seeking Lords to fight for. They then gather around the campfire at the end of the work week to distribute wages, check morale, and make sure everyone is fed.

According to Cannasse, Wartales will remain in Early Access “for about a year, a year and a half,” and during that time more explorable regions will be added once each is completed. Wartales will be available on Steam and contains a demo that you can download now.

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  • Brutal and ruthless techniques Next month the RPG Wartales will be available to play
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