Bhopal schoolboy stabbed in online game | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: A Grade 10 boy was stabbed and seriously injured in Bhopal on Monday night following an argument over an online fighting game.
He was injured in the face, abdomen and hands and remains in critical condition three days later.
The main defendant is a columnist, Sharif Bachcha. The police are looking for him and have detained a co-defendant, who is a minor.
SI Investigator Umesh Singh Chouhan said the victim ‘sold’ his game ID to a friend for Rs 1,800. After a few days, the friend told him he couldn’t play because another boy – now the co-accused in the stabbing – had stolen the ID card and was using it to play the game.
Since the boy in class 10 had created the ID, he blocked the other boy from using it so his friend could play the game again.
When the co-defendant realized he had been kicked out, he called the boy in Class 10 on the phone Monday night and started demanding the password. He refused. Sharif Bachcha, who is a listed criminal, then picked up the phone and began abusing and threatening him, Chouhan said.
Bachcha had thought that he would bully the schoolboy, but the student refused to budge. He said he didn’t know who Bachcha was and asked the moron to be careful with his tongue.
This infuriated Bachcha, who challenged the schoolboy to reveal his whereabouts. In the heat of the moment, the schoolboy told him that he was Chaman Park at Ashoka Garden. He thought that was the end.
But at 8 p.m., Bachcha and the miner drove to Chaman Park on a motorbike. Unfortunately, the schoolboy was still hanging out with friends, and the duo spotted him.
Bachcha and the miner attacked the schoolboy while his friends ran away in terror. The listed offender pulled out a knife and continued to stab the Class 10 student until he collapsed, police say.
The duo fled, leaving the bloodied college boy on the road. His family members took him to the hospital and informed the police. SI Chouhan said he filed a case and detained the accused minor. Bachcha is on the run and the police teams are looking for him.

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