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Each chapter of Live a Live has a main character and a few secondary characters that you can play with and travel through the story. With these characters, you can level up by defeating enemies and bosses. Doing this will give you access to new skills that are more powerful with every level or two you go up, with the exception of Masaru.

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But, the game does something tricky and limits your level in each chapter, preventing you from reaching the maximum level and subsequently acquiring the best skills. After completing the Middle Ages, it is only in the final chapter of the game that many of these skills can be obtained.


8 Pogo: Bing Bang Boom

The best and highest tier attack is the Bing Bang Boom technique, which is only obtained once Pogo reaches level 16. While this attack doesn’t do an incredible amount of damage on the surface, it does is his most valuable and ultimate attack for any situation in the game.

Bing Bang Boom is an attack that deals seven times average damage to a target one cell away from Pogo. The only downside to this attack is the apparent part: you have to be very close to your enemy for it to work, but the other, even more risky downside is that it lowers all of Pogo’s stats. The best strategy for this attack would be to wait until an enemy is within an acceptable health range for Pogo to shoot them so the debuffs don’t carry over into the next encounter.

seven Oboromaru: flower of death

Death Blossom is a heavy attack allowed only for the ultimate shinobi, Oboromaru. And while the story might relate to the fact that Oboromaru is adamantly opposed to killing anyone other than necessary, it’s best to kill as many enemies as possible at his level for future boss battles later. .

This attack is unique due to its area of ​​effect range and high attack power which can damage enemies in any direction. To acquire the technique, your character must be level 16, so it is recommended to farm as much as possible in their respective chapter. However, due to the maze-like interior and countless enemies to face, it shouldn’t be difficult to get there in no time. There is only one downside to this attack: close combat.

6 Master and His Disciples: Descending from the Celestial Peaks

Shifu is the main character of the Imperial China Chapter, and depending on who you choose to be your priority disciple later, he will then become your main character. However, the final skill of each chapter will not change no matter who you choose because it is the last skill that Shifu will decide to give you at the end of the chapter. Basic starting skills that deal low damage are the only skill change for each character.

Heavenly Peaks Descent is an attack that becomes regularly usable at level 16. It deals massive damage to a single enemy, and like many attacks in martial arts combat, the attack will be at very short range, leaving a lot of damage. space to the enemy. to counterattack and kill you if the attack fails. However, due to this massive damage, it’s safe to assume that any enemy you fight will be dealt with a single hit, with the exception of boss fights.

5 Masaru: German Suplex

Masaru’s techniques are unique in that none are considered the best through leveling, unlike what all other characters can achieve. Because the game sets up the story and gameplay to mimic a typical fighting game, many of the techniques you learn are obtained through brawl matches against your opponent. So as long as you don’t kill your opponent instantly, the best is up to the player.

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That said, in terms of raw attack power and use of Masaru’s attacks, the best is definitely the German Suplex. This attack is acquired after defeating Max Morgan and will be the most damaging attack in your arsenal, next to Worldbreaker’s Wrath. What sets this attack apart from others is the status effect that comes with it: paralysis. This effect can stun your enemies and leave them defenseless while you land multiple attacks in a row.

4 Sunset: hurricane

Like Shifu in Imperial China, Sundown’s level is capped upon entering the chapter and cannot be leveled again until the end of the game. For this reason, most of the attacks you use when you complete this chapter are basic and won’t help you later. But, once sent to the last chapter, you will be able to obtain many powerful techniques, ideal for long-range battles.

Hurricane is a technique that acts as a more robust version of the Wildfire technique. With the Wildfire attack, Sundown can make full use of his long-range ability, mixed in with an area-of-effect attack that Sundown usually wouldn’t have. Sundown is able to fire six times up to three bolts diagonally, with shrapnel bursting with each shot. But Hurricane, as the name suggests, does more damage, with up to 12 bullets and higher attack power shrapnel.

3 Akira: Judgment Day

Akira is known for having large area-of-effect attacks that can span the entire board. However, most of them are attacks that mostly work around status effects, lowering stats, or some form of healing. But one attack stands out from the rest and can be useful in any situation due to its massive overkill in combat.

Judgment Day spans the entire board in sequences of two, from left to right. Although the damage is only of medium potency and may not seem like much, it is one of Akira’s most damaging attacks. But that’s not what makes Judgment Day special – this attack also gives all negative status effects to any enemy caught in the attack, while lowering all of their stats.

2 Cube: Showa Chick Launcher

When playing the Distant Future chapter as Cube, you won’t attack anyone until the very end when you fight the final boss in the virtual world. Because Cube is a robot, Cube’s level is permanently decided and the ability to level up by fighting monsters is impossible. However, like the robot turtle in the Near Future chapter, you can upgrade Cube through coins collected by fighting enemies.

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But, since many of Cube’s attacks aren’t level-based, unlocking them is pretty easy, especially if you go through Wisdom Dungeon. Of all his attacks, Chick Shot is the strongest overall. Many of Cube’s attacks focus on elemental damage, Chick Shot is the only one that focuses on a Spirit attack and deals massive damage. Additionally, it applies debuffs to the enemy by applying vertigo and petrification.

1 Oersted: the mark of the archon

While Oersted may not be fully playable in the final chapter, this character still has plenty of strong and powerful attacks that you will no doubt achieve quickly just by playing through the story. The Middle Ages chapter is very long, with encounters that will automatically activate with each stage you advance. Because of this, it’s easy to pull off their strongest attack, Archon’s Mark.

Archon’s Mark is a technique you first encounter not by obtaining it yourself, but by playing as the secondary character, Hasshe, a hero of the realm. Upon reaching level 16, you will receive it yourself. Any enemy two diagonal tiles from Oersted will be hit with massive damage that can easily shoot many enemies throughout the level. The only downsides are that it takes a long time to cast, and many monsters you encounter will take up multiple tiles, making it easier for them to attack you.

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