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One of the most unique characters in video game history, BayonettaHis fighting style is unlike any other. Using its four limbs to shoot guns, swing swords, and summon demons, there’s not much the iconic Umbra Witch can’t do. Its combat versatility allows players to string together masterful combos to beat enemies in style.

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So far, in all of her games, Bayonetta’s techniques have helped players win the elusive Pure Platinum medals and triumph over tough bosses. Some techniques are available from the start, some are unlocked after completing certain chapters, and others can be purchased directly through the Gates of Hell store. Many of his techniques are also represented by his moves in the Super Smash Bros. series, although some of their inputs and utilities may vary. Here are the best options.

Umbran Portal Kick

Bayonetta using Umbran Portal Kick in practice mode

The Umbran Portal Kick is one of the only techniques in Bayonetta to offer invincibility, even if only for a few frames. When the technique is performed correctly, Bayonetta quickly creates a portal and plunges into it, negating the damage of any enemy attacks during this time. Once inside the portal, he reappears above the ground where it was crafted, projecting Bayonetta’s entire body onto any angels within range. If the magic gauge is full, the Umbran portal kick will also come with a Madama Butterfly heel kick on the nearest enemy.

This move, only appearing in Bayonetta’s first game, is activated by holding down the dodge button and kick button simultaneously. In Bayonetta 2, this entry will activate a different technique, Heel Tornado, which replaced it. Users of Umbran Portal Kick should beware of the end of the movement, which leaves Bayonetta vulnerable while she poses.

High point of the ball

Bayonetta using Bullet Climax in Bayonetta 2

One of the first techniques learned in the original Bayonetta, Bullet Climax is a move that allows Bayonetta to fire its weapons in all directions. The technique is activated by quickly turning the joystick in combination with the punch or kick buttons. If activated with the punch button, Bayonetta will fire with her handguns; if it is activated with the kick button, it will shoot from its feet.

Give Bayonetta a 360 degree movement, the technique is particularly effective in eliminating little angels such as Dear, Decorations, Cachet and Compassion. Bullet Climax also appears as Bayonetta’s standard special in Super Smash Bros., although it works more like another technique, Bullet Charge.

Break Dance & Heel Tornado

Bayonetta using Break Dance in Bayonetta 2 (left) and Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate (right)

By holding down the dodge button, Bayonetta automatically enters Break Dance, a sassy move that literally makes her dance. Turning on the floor, Bayonetta will shoot all over the place before ending the dance break with a pose. She can also keep moving as she dances and undo the final pose in exchange for a combo chain.

Bayonetta 2 introduced the Heel Tornado movement, an improved version of Break Dance that also adds a flying kick at the end of the dance. Heel Tornado is activated by holding down the dodge and kick buttons at the same time. In Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta will use Break Dance in one of her victory poses.

Heel foot

Bayonetta using Heel Stomp with Madama Butterfly Wicked Weave in Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta’s use of his heels in combat is exemplified by Heel Stomp, a technique that allows him to instantly crush his heel into the ground. When Bayonetta’s magic gauge is full, the technique will also instantly summon Madama Butterfly’s heels to crash into an enemy.

This technique is useful for taking down dangerous enemies such as Ardor or Allegiance from a relative distance before triggering a combo. It is activated by quickly changing the direction of the joystick and pressing the kick button. Heel Stomp is also used in the Super Smash Bros. series, for Bayonetta’s down-smash attack.

Stiletto heel and heel zipper

Bayonetta using Stilletto and Heel Slide with Love Is Blue Bayonetta 2 pistols

Fast attack, Stiletto is a technique that propels Bayonetta directly towards an enemy and hits them. Useful for switching from enemy to enemy, Stiletto is activated by quickly pressing the left joystick forward twice, followed by the strike button. Its equivalent to the kick is the Heel Slide, a similar technique that hits faster, farther and harder.

Unlike Stiletto, Heel Slide cannot be activated in the air. Both techniques are available from the start of both games for 20,000 halos. In Smash Bros., Stiletto is Bayonetta’s dash attack, while Heel Slide is his special ground attack.


Bayonetta using Tetsuzanko with Madama Butterfly Wicked Weave in Bayonetta 2

This technique is actually not original to Bayonetta, which first appeared in the game Virtua Fighter, released by Sega in 1993. Using it, Bayonetta shouts the Japanese phrase “JÅ«-nen hayain da yo!” which is the tagline of one of the characters in the game, Akira Yuki. Tetsuzanko is a forward slam that throws enemies, activated similarly to Heel Stomp by quickly changing the direction of the joystick and pressing the kick button.

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When the magic gauge is full, Tetzuanko will also instantly summon one of Madama Butterfly’s fists, making it useful for getting a quick, hard hit. Complete with Akira’s tagline, Tetsuzanko is used as Bayonetta’s forward pitch in Super Smash Bros.

Witch Twist & Witch Strike

Bayonetta using Witch Twist with Love Is Blue pistols in Bayonetta 2

The two movements that involve Bayonetta hitting straight up, Witch Twist and Witch Strike are similar techniques that are activated in different ways. Witch Twist is activated by pressing dodge and punch at the same time, while Witch Strike is activated by pressing the punch button right after pressing the dodge button.

Witch Strike is faster and can be performed twice in a row, while Witch Twist is slower but is generally stronger at throwing enemies. Although Witch Twist has been available from the first game, Witch Strike was first introduced in Bayonetta 2. Witch Twist is Bayonetta’s special move in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / 3DS and Ultimate.

After the burner kick

Bayonetta using After Burner Kick with Love Is Blue pistols in Bayonetta 2

The After Burner Kick takes its name from the 1987 arcade game After Burner released by Sega. One of the most useful moves in Bayonetta’s arsenal, the After Burner Kick is a fiery diagonal aerial move. The kick can be aimed upward to launch enemies into the sky, or downward to smash enemies on the ground.

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It is performed by quickly pressing the kick button after pressing the jump button and can be done twice in a row. Enemies hit by the kick are knocked out, allowing Bayonetta to use aerial combos directly after. The After Burner Kick is also Bayonetta’s special move in Super Smash Bros. while she is in the air.

Beast inside

Bayonetta 2 Beast Within models from left to right: Panther Within, Crow Within, Bat Within, Snake Within

Beast Within is a term that collectively refers to four of Bayonetta’s abilities that transform her into different animals; Bat Within, Panther Within, Crow Within and Snake Within. All of these abilities are activated via the dodge button. Bat Within allows Bayonetta to dodge attacks at the last second by transforming into a flock of bats, and this is the only Beast Within technique available in Super Smash Bros. games.

Panther Within allows Bayonetta to run and jump at high speed transforming into a panther, and also allows a single claw strike. Crow Within grants Bayonetta temporary flight, as well as the ability to fire stinging feathers directly at enemies or in any direction. Snake Within, exclusive to Bayonetta 2, works the same as Panther Within, except it is used to swim quickly in underwater areas.

Torture attacks and the climax of Umbran

Bayonetta using torture attack (left) and Umbran Climax with Madama Butterfly (right) in Bayonetta 2

When Bayonetta’s power is pushed to its limits, her magic gauge is filled, allowing the use of two incredibly powerful techniques. Torture attacks allow Bayonetta to lock onto a single enemy and usually kill instantly through the use of a medieval torture device. These attacks change depending on the enemy type and are activated by pressing the punch and kick buttons simultaneously.

In Bayonetta 2, players also had the option to use Umbran Climax, which turns all of Bayonetta’s combo attacks into devastating Wicked Weaves. The demons summoned during these attacks vary depending on the weapon Bayonetta has equipped. Umbran Climax is activated by pressing on the left bumper.

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