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FPS and Gundam fans were surprised when Gundam evolution made its first test flight on Steam in April. This title has merged Gundamthe iconic mecha roster with a free hero shooter model, and it aims to break into the esports field in different ways Gundam never was. Assembled from a diverse set of machines, Gundam EvolutionThe team of is ready to take the field by storm with fast and versatile kits. Comparisons with other hero shooters are inevitable, but anyone can check it out for themselves and see how it really stacks up against its competition.


A lot of careful planning was needed to make Gundam evolution the memorable game that it is. Game Rant spoke to Gundam evolution executive producer Kazuya Maruyama and director of gameplay Ryota Hogaki on the game’s features and design philosophies. They will collectively be referred to as Bandai Namco for this article. The interview has been edited for clarity and conciseness.

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Q: Several more Gundam the games used a team-based competitive format. What separates Gundam evolution of them?

A: The characteristics of GUNDAM EVOLUTION are designed as shown below. This game offers a unique experience as a race ace pilot. GUNDAM animated series.

  • A fast-paced and immersive teamfight experience
  • A new level of exhilaration as players can defeat the enemy by making full use of the unique traits, abilities and boosts of various Mobile Suits
  • Be able to strategize to overcome situations and experience team play where you work with your teammates based on various combat situations
  • Unique Boost system that offers intuitive controls

Q: What were the design considerations when implementing the Boost system?

A: We designed the Boost Dash for long runs and the Boost Step to be a distinctive feature to quickly close in on the enemy during combat. They are also tied to each unit’s unique traits. Making good use of the Boost system to pilot the Mobile Suit will be key and bring a sense of euphoria in destroying the enemy. The system is also carefully tuned on a regular basis to ensure that all players have the ability to move quickly during combat, making it easier to attack and fun to execute.

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Q: It’s clear that it took a lot of work to get the visuals perfect. How did your team manage to balance realistic graphics, Gunpla-like customization, and anime-inspired designs?

A: A lot Gundam games have been developed and released over the years, along with many plastic models such as Gunpla. In the more than 40 years since Gundam first appearing in the world, their appearances have been refined by talented designers in search of a realistic and elegant look. I believe this is one of the strengths of Gundam creations compared to other works. Our designers also sought to create a design that was new, not old-fashioned, but also reflected the original design that fans love.

We are also committed to designing a game that does not interfere with the competitive nature of the game genre, even in the smallest details. One of our biggest goals is to provide people outside of Japan with the opportunity to get to know Gundamand for Japanese people to get used to competitive shooting games and enjoy it through our game.

Q: What was the selection process for the different playable units? Some surprising peaks like the Methuss and the Guntank are already present.

A: The units chosen for this game are selected from over 1,000 different units that have appeared in the Gundam animated series. As some of you can probably tell from the range, we don’t choose units based on popularity alone. We established combat concepts first, thinking about what weapons to use and how we wanted our players to engage in battle. Some of the iconic elements from the original anime series have been adopted as G-Maneuvers (ults) in some cases. In making a list like this, we went through a lot of trial and error with designers and engineers to see what was achievable in practice.

Q: Although some machines on the list canonically have various armaments, they are geared towards certain playstyles in Gundam Evolution. For example, the close-quarters nature of the Sazabi is reminiscent of Char Aznable’s aggressiveness when piloting it. How did the mechs’ original abilities and pilots influence their design?

A: As this is a team-based shooter, the role you play in the game is indeed important, but instead of having defined roles, we wanted players to use their favorite units when they wanted it. For this reason, we designed all units to be able to deal good damage to level the playing field.

With that in mind, we want our players to get the most out of each unit’s features. Sazabi, for example, has a shield, which makes him strong in one-on-one situations when shooting enemy units and protecting himself. In role-based gameplay, having a shield often automatically designates a unit as a “tank”, but in GUNDAM EVOLUTIONshields are part of larger and more diverse kits that make each unit’s playstyle unique.

Additionally, Methuss CAN repair allies while dealing damage, so he’s not strictly a healer. This is because we don’t manufacture support units only. If everyone is designed to be able to take damage, it will only create problems in continuous combat, which is why all units have self-repair abilities that automatically recover if no attack actions are taken. is undertaken, so that once they leave the line of fire they can be repaired, allowing them to fight without having to be reminded of their roles.

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Q: What were the considerations when selecting and designing the cards?

A: We didn’t dare to recreate a specific battlefield from the original anime works, but we prepared a map for general use as the place where mobile suits fight, as it would only affect very little about the players’ worldview on the anime series. We felt that a map that would give an advantage to those who knew the original story was unnecessary.

We’ve adjusted the time it takes for units to return to the battle line after being destroyed to create a “fast and immersive team battle”. We also aim to encourage players to consider switching to the most appropriate Mobile Suits based on the map, rules, and battle situation. Additionally, we create the maps with the goal of ensuring that every match takes place on a balanced and fair playing field.

Q: How were Gundam evolutionthe three main modes (Point Capture, Domination and Destruction) chosen? Could we add more in the future?

A: In each of the three modes, our goal is to make the most of what each unit has to offer for each ruleset and map. We emphasized everyone’s strategic nature, which is the best part of team-based shooters, but we also made sure that FPS fans can play the game intuitively. We’ve avoided hard-to-understand rules unless you know the story from the original anime, because we don’t think it’s necessary. At this point, we plan to launch with these three sets of rules. We will of course consider adding new rules after the launch of the title.

Q: What can players expect in terms of progression? IE, upgrade, skins, units and other unlockables.

A: We implemented various customization items in the recent network test, but that’s not all. More details will be announced at a later date. Also, of course, we are preparing to implement new units for each seasonal update, so stay tuned.

Q: Party formation is a key part of Gundam Evolutiongame loop. What options are available to ensure players find groups that are right for them?

A: We will continue to investigate and adjust the matchmaking specs for launch based on the results of the recent network test. We’re also thinking about what we can do to expand and engage the player community for this title on an ongoing basis outside of in-game nights.

Q: Integrated team voice chat is great, even though it seems rare these days. How will this be implemented on different platforms?

A: We are currently using Vivox which is proven in the field. We plan to serve different platforms and a wide range of regions with this title, and we are very happy with the quality of service.

Q: The first Gundam evolution Network Test has worked on Steam before. When the Test comes to consoles, is there crossplay for itself or for the full game?

A: There are currently no cross-play plans at this time; only cross-generation PS4/PS5 and XB1/XSX|S will be supported.


Gundam evolution will hold a Closed Network Test on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S from June 23-28. The game will also be released on PC.

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