Antonio Spadaccini in the world of social life coaching and marketing techniques


Digital has opened up multiple new possibilities for businesses, including work tools and strategies that allow them to promote themselves in innovative and highly effective ways.

With its various restrictions, the lockdown has accelerated the process of digitization, emphasizing the importance of a professional online presence and using the digital marketing techniques best suited to conducting business.

According to Antonio Spadaccini (aka ANDJ), e-commerce is the future, with many reduced costs, and more people can be reached in a short time if you know how to do it.

Did you know that e-commerce by exception has a good combination of 3 factors:

  1. social proof
  2. Product
  3. Graphic interface of the platform (or private label).

The synergy of these 3 factors leads e-commerce to a plan that sets it apart from other competitors.

The ANDJ says that it is essential to focus on your business and the objectives of your customers: a marketing strategy must always start from the needs of people and their characteristics, on which you build your business objective.

Choose a product and build an empire for it. These are simple rules.

Spadaccini is about to publish a master class on his website, where he will explain the best advertising and social marketing techniques. Don’t miss the announcement and follow him on Instagram.

Anyone can do it; no one is born a “scholar”.

Maybe someone has talent and can “get there” before others, but dedication and commitment are the game changer.

Antonio Spadaccini’s slogan has always been: “Set a goal, set a goal and don’t look back!»

For more, check out his Instagram @andj_official or his website


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