Anthony Elanga reveals new finishing techniques he worked on under Erik ten Hag at Man United


Anthony Elanga had a successful season last term, scoring eight goals and providing five assists.

He was in particularly good form under Ralf Rangnick, who vetoed a January loan move for the player after impressing in training.

“Recently I’ve been working more on different ways to finish,” he told club media during a fan Q&A.

“A touch, when it bounces in front of you, how to volley and get the right contact on the ball.

“I worked [on it] a lot so, I hope I can use it more this season and score many goals.

Anthony Elanga has only played a minor role under Erik ten Hag so far but will no doubt get more playing time in what is expected to be a long season across four competitions.

Another fan asked him who plays the best music in the locker room.

“That’s a good question. I’ll get to it.

“But I think the DJ in the dressing room is Jadon [Sancho] or Bruno [Fernandes]. They play good music.

Asked about the type of music played, he explained that it was varied.

“It varies, to be fair. It could be Portuguese, it could be American, so, yes, it varies.

Footballers train or play often, and there is often not much time to relax; but Elanga explained what he does when he’s not training.

“When I’m not working out, I’ll probably be playing Uno with my family and friends, doing yoga or reading. Other than that, really relax.

Anthony Martial and Anthony Elanga are playing in pre-season. (Alamy)

“Training is so hard that you don’t really have time to do a lot of things off the pitch. You’ll have to recover and you train again the next day, so that’s what I do.

Pineapple on pizza is a long and deeply rooted debate in many cultures, with a constantly found discourse on the subject.

“Obviously there are going to be contrasting opinions, but I think that doesn’t belong on the pizza,” Elanga said.

“In my opinion, I think not.

When asked what his favorite pizza topping was, he had an interesting answer.

“My Swedes, they would know. I’m not sure in England they would know, but my Swedish people would know pizza kebab. Doner kebab pizza or kebab.

“But, if I’m in England, if I had to pick an English one, it would be pepperoni.”


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