Anime: Most Powerful Ki Manipulation Techniques


Animated is full of powerful, game-changing abilities that the protagonist to antagonist uses to overwhelm their opponent. A main character’s special attack often comes from their inner energy, such as Ki or Nen. When a character has gained the ability to effectively manipulate their Ki, it opens them up to learning devastating abilities that can cause explosive damage to anything they drop it on.

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Ki is an important trope in the majority of anime that is used to explain a specific power or life force that has a heavier meaning in Japanese culture. These special techniques have been fan-favorite catchphrases and flamboyant poses that viewers practice or imitate when no one is watching. Across many anime series, these attacks become character hallmarks and a sign that combat is being taken to another level. Here are some of the most powerful Ki manipulation techniques in anime.

11 X Burner (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

X Burner Hitman reborn anime

X Burner by Tsunayoshi Sawada Hitman reborn is an extremely destructive attack that incinerates everything in front of and possibly behind the user. Tsuna fires a gentle burst of flames behind him to absorb the recoil of the massive wave of Hard Sky Flames he sends forward to annihilate anything in his path.

In Hitman reborn, this attack is said to have broken the energy level twice and pulled many enemies to the wrong side. Tsuna constantly modifies this ability, making it more powerful, accurate, and destructive throughout the anime.


ten Spirit Gun (YuYu Hakusho)

spirit gun yuyu hakusho anime

Yusuke Urameshi’s basic attack that he learned from Genkai is one of the most powerful in the world. Yu Yu Hakusho series. Spirit Gun wiped out many enemies with a single hit. The Spirit Gun gathers spirit energy into the user’s hand and exits through one of their fingers.

Normally, when Yusuke uses the spirit gun, it’s enough power to level an arena; But he took this technique even further and mixed demon chakra into the technique, which caused an explosion at the atomic level.

9 Hadoken (street fighter)

hadoken street fighter anime video game

Perhaps one of the most important Ki abilities in existence, the Hadoken of street fighter used by basic Shoto style students is a devastating orb of pure energy that can level entire mountains depending on the user.

This ability becomes ten times deadlier if powered by the “Satsui no Hado” or “Dark Hado” from the Street Fighter universe; the series’ antagonist, Akuma, uses it often. A master of Ki manipulation can further influence a Hadoken with both Light and Dark Hado and create a truly devastating Hadoken that electrifies its targets.

8 Kamehameha (Dragon Ball)

kamehameha dragon ball goku anime

The Kamehameha Wave, or “Turtle Wave”, has topped the list for anime fans around the world. This is the most famous technique from the “Dragon Ball” series and all its previous series. The initiator of the technique was Master Roshi, who later taught the technique to his students Krillin and Goku.

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Goku’s immense power paired with this mighty attack is a frighteningly different beast. His mastery of the technique elevated the destructive power to be able to send targets out of the atmosphere or destroy entire planets if properly targeted.

seven One Hundred Rending Fists (Polar Star Fist)

hundred ripping fists fist of the north star anime

Fist of the North Star is a classic among action anime and martial arts fans. The main protagonist, Kenshiro, is a fan-favorite character for melee fighters. “One Hundred Rending Fists” is a barrage of skin-slicing, body-exploding strikes that leave any target of the technique defeated before they even know what hit them.

While in the series Kenshiro has several unstoppable techniques, One Hundred Rending Fists is one of the best known; this technique heavily inspired another fan-favorite anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

6 Dark Flame Dragon (YuYu Hakusho)

dragon of darkness flame yuyu hakusho anime

Another ability of Yu Yu Hakusho series, Hiei’s Dragon Of The Darkness Flame, is a destructive ability and technique feared among most in the spirit world. Dragon Of The Darkness Flame draws dark flame spiritual energy straight from the depths of the spirit world and shapes it into a dragon.

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This technique can incinerate anything in its path, but this ability is also highly uncontrollable once invoked. During the first use of the Dragon Of The Darkness Flame technique, Hiei seriously injured his right arm.

5 Mugetsu (bleach)

mudetsu getsuga tenshou bleach anime ichigo

The Mugetsu technique was a last-ditch effort by Ichigo to confront Aizen and his newfound power in the Bleach lively. He obtained the so-called “Final Getsuga Tenshou” technique after undergoing special training with the help of his father, Ishin.

As a result, Ichigo’s power was increased tenfold; even in his base form, he could blast mountains with a single swing of his sword. When he ascended and activated Mugetsu, he became even more powerful, able to take down Aizen with a single attack. However, this technique comes at a significant cost, stripping the user of their spiritual pressure after the technique ends.

4 Night Guy (Naruto Shippuden)

anime naruto night guy

Night Guy is the latest technique in the repertoire of Might Guy, Leaf’s hidden noble green beast. This technique can only be performed after releasing the Eight Inner Gates, an extremely dangerous art he learned from his father. Guy kneels down, prepares to push and deliver a blow so powerful it destroys the target’s body as well as the users.

The expelled red chakra of the user of this technique takes the form of a dragon and consumes the wielder’s target in a fiery rage. This technique, along with the eight inner gates, completely depletes the user’s chakra and would lead to certain death.

3 Zero Hand (Hunter x Hunter)

zero hand hunter x hunter anime

A technique of Isaac Netero is said to be the most powerful Nen user in the world. Hunter X Hunter. Netero is the president of the hunters association and is a fearsome and respected warrior. Zero Hand is Netero’s last resort technique used only when all else fails.

Bodhisattva’s face appears behind Netero’s desired target and clasps them tightly in his hands. Bodhisattva then unleashes a cosmic wave of vibrational force by shouting into his hands using Netero’s own aura as the energy source. This technique was only used against the Ant King, a being of equal power, but any other individual hit by this technique would surely perish.

2 Spirit Bomb (Dragon Ball Z)

dragon ball goku spirit ball

The spirit bomb is another destructive technique of the dragonball universe, taught to Goku by King Kai. He draws energy from all living beings and generates a giant sphere filled with that energy, capable of being launched from an elevated position.

Although normally used to harvest energy from nature and animals, Goku took the technique further and even absorbed energy from humans on earth and living beings in distant worlds and galaxies. The Spirit Bomb’s destructive power is borderline infinite, but the charge time of this technique is large and leaves the user completely open to attack.

1 Infinity (Jujutsu Kaisen)

infinite jujutsu kaisen gojo anime

Infinity is a technique inherited from the Gojo family bloodline: it is an ability of intense power that allows the wielder to bring infinity into reality and manipulate time and space at will. The concept of this technique allows the user to tap into the mathematical equation of the infinite series.

Additionally, it traps the target on a path, slows time, and ensures they never reach the end of their journey by placing an immeasurable distance between them and the end of everything else. Satoru Gojo is the first of his line to receive this technique and the Six Eyes in over four hundred years, making him the strongest Jujutsu wizard of his time.

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