Amazon’s online game ‘New World’ bans nearly 8,000 accounts for ‘botting’

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The developers of New world, Amazon Games’ flagship project announced on Thursday that it has banned thousands of accounts for automated collection, or “botting,” activity.

In New world, As with many other massively multiplayer online games, players are encouraged to gather resources from the environment such as herbs, ore, leather, fish, and meat, which can be crafted into useful items in the game. game like armor, weapons, food and potions. . Alternatively, resources can be, and often are, sold to other players for a profit.

This often results in the creation of third-party programs that automate the process, known in the community as “botting”. These programs are specifically prohibited by the terms of service for most games, but they still tend to appear in any sufficiently popular MMO. It allows a player to set up a script for their character, the “bot”, to run around collecting resources while the player is doing other things.

Unlike many other MMOs, New world allows players to pursue all types of resource gathering at once, which has already created unique deflationary issues. Now, on top of that, its players have reported a large influx of bots across many servers, which has further increased the value of in-game goods.

After the publication of a report on the epidemic on PC Gamer On Monday, Amazon Games took action. Its representatives issued the following statement to GeekWire:

“We are aware of player reports of increased bot activity in New world. Bots are a persistent challenge for MMOs, and our team has deployed dedicated resources and tools to identify and combat them. We are committed to continually improving our fight against bots, and yesterday [Dec. 1] alone, we’ve banned over 7,700 accounts for using bots. Our goal is to ensure New world is fun and fair for all players.

Before Amazon intervenes itself, players of New world had fun finding their own ways to deal with the bot problem. Since bot scripts aren’t usually particularly elaborate, players were able to break their patterns by putting obstacles in their way or dragging them into fights.

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This new wave of Amazon bans comes just over two weeks after the discovery of a “dupe” exploit, which allowed players to freely duplicate items in their inventory, including coins, which was effectively an infinite money cheat. the New world The dev team permanently banned “over 1,200 players” for deception starting Nov. 15, which also necessitated the temporary shutdown of the whole economy of the game.

After several delays during the year, Amazon released New world in late September to mediocre reviews but a surprisingly positive fan reaction. It briefly peaked at over 913,000 concurrent players on Steam at launch, a record number, but like any MMO, that figure dwindled over the following weeks.

From Thursday morning, the New world the number of players seems to have stabilized at about 130,000 to 140,000, peaking mid-week. Its latest major content update, In the void, arrived on November 18, which includes a new weapon, a new enemy class in the invading Varangian Knights, and new player versus player modes.

New world is just the third original video game from Amazon Game Studios, despite years of effort and false starts, and its launch was widely seen as a watershed moment for Amazon’s ambitions as a big game developer. public.

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