A year later against Kentucky, Will Rogers shows continuous evolution in QB


October 10, 2020 is a day that Will rogers would like to forget.

Instead, it was a day that Rogers used to become a better player. It was the first time Rogers had entered the field as a freshman and the Bulldogs hit the road to play Kentucky. In fairness to Rogers, the match was a disaster for everyone who led the air raid that day.

KJ Costello threw four interceptions in the game and Rogers took a peek in the second half and finished 9 of 15 for 43 yards and two interceptions. The Bulldogs lost and they couldn’t score an offensive run, but that was the motivation for what was to come a year later.

Rogers was a very different man on Saturday. The Bulldogs’ sophomore caller might have had the best game of his life helping the Bulldogs to an efficient day and a 31-17 victory over the No.12 Kentucky.

“It’s a long way,” Rogers said. “We are two totally different teams from last year until now. We did a great job tonight. The guys opened up and the guys were running hard and finding places in the zone. They were losing eight and we found ways to open up and find space and I found ways to pass the ball to them.

Rogers was at his best on Saturday. The sophomore starter looked like an air raid veteran as he set an SEC record for completion percentage with a minimum of 30 completions. He was 36-of-39 (92%) for 344 yards and a touchdown.

12 different players caught an assist in the game led by Jo’Quavious Marks’ nine receptions for 57 yards and Jaden Walley’s six for 95. It was a game that Rogers and the company thought they could deliver after the week. they had organized on the training ground, but it was not without some obstacles at first.

State trailed 10-0 in the second quarter and kicked and missed a field goal on the first two possessions. Rogers has made up and led the team on back-to-back 75-yard touchdown runs and would spearhead 31 straight points.

” I felt good. I hate to say it was like any other game, but I just felt like I was playing, ”Rogers said. “I was just trying to do my job one piece at a time. Everyone around me was doing their job pretty well.

Since that day of 43 yards and two interceptions in the first game of his career, Rogers has established himself as the guy on offense.

Rogers spent Dak prescott with 327 goals for the record of a single season on Saturday. He is now second all-time behind Prescott with 566 career goals. He also tied the school record with seven 300-yard passing performances this season and his 2,890 yards are the fourth all-time in a season, just eight yards from third.

“He’s a very calm guy. That’s why he played last year. He is not afraid to compete. Really mentally balanced, ”Leach said of Rogers. “As he’s taken on more of a leadership role he’s been the offensive voice for a longer time, it helps our team to be more stable and more equal as well. This is something we really need. He continues to improve.

Saturday night was the result of hard work for a player who has already been counted by many in his young career. The off-season time for this job is coming to an end.

But the quarterback is not satisfied. Saturday was nice, he wants to do it over and over again.

“I’m just confident in my preparation. I believe I am the hardest worker on this team. I’m really confident in how hard I’m working this offseason, ”said Rogers. “I think I’m handling this attack pretty well, but how many games in a row can I do it? How many games in a row can I play? Next week, going to Arkansas presents a huge talent for myself as well as for our team. “


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