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Madelaine Vikse

‘Wordle’ has become a popular online game, recently picked up by The New York Times (Madelaine Vikse | Northern Star)

You’ve probably heard of the new “Wordle” word game because it’s all everyone’s talking about these days. Here are the rules of the games and the facts about how the game came to be.

wordlewas created by Josh Wardle, a play on his last name. Wardle is a software engineer who created ‘Wordle’ for his partner and shared it with loved ones before releasing it publicly in October last year.

The rules of the game are simple. You get six tries to guess a five-letter word, with a new word each day. If any of the letters turn yellow, those letters are in the word, but in the wrong place. If the letters turn green, they are in the word and in the right place. You want all the letters to be green before you run out of guesses.

“Wordle” is a game that can be played quickly in the morning or take a while depending on the difficulty of the word. Players of the game have been known to share their scores online or with family members.

“I do it every morning when I drink my coffee and then I send it (to) my brother and several friends,” said Liza Buhr, a senior student in communication disorders. “It’s a cool way to connect after so much disconnection with COVID.”

The New York Times Company announcement that they had purchased “Wordle” on January 31. This may have surprised longtime players of the game, but it seemed like the right choice for Wardle and his partner as they were longtime fans of the NYT crossword puzzles and Spelling Bee.

Since the takeover by The New York Times, many actors have noticed that the words have become increasingly difficult and have expressed their outrage at the company. One such case includes when there were three days in a row of words having double letters, which is unusual for the game.

There are players who don’t care about challenge and don’t have a problem with acquisition.

“I think it was a great way to let other people know because The New York Times is so big and I hadn’t heard of it before,” said Amanda McGovern, a developmental disorder specialist. Communication.

Since the game’s popularity, similar games have popped up everywhere, including “Wordle Unlimited,” “swear words”, which has swear words and even a named “Taylordlewhich is Taylor Swift themed.

English teacher Timothy Crowley performed a Shakespearian version of “Wordle” titled “babblewhich was produced by the Folger Shakespeare Library. It has the same concept as the original and focuses on the words in Shakespeare’s plays.

With the popularity of this game and its multiple spinoffs, it looks like this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


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