8 Steven Spielberg Classics (And The Video Game Genres They’d Fit In Perfectly)


At this point, Steven Spielberg has arguably surpassed Alfred Hitchcock as the most celebrated filmmaker of all time, with many of his films being among the greatest films of the modern era. But what many Spielberg fans might not know is that the famed director has had quite an exciting history with video games, as he co-created Medal of Honor.

As video games and their plots have become much more sophisticated in recent years, it would be interesting to see what would happen if Mr. Spielberg’s films were remade as games, but this notion also raises questions. Which movies would make the jump and what kind of games would it be?


Jaws (asymmetrical multiplayer)

Jaws gets up to eat a girl and the Dead by Daylight pre-game lobby.

Many of Spielberg’s films, with few exceptions, received strong tie-ins, but Jaws is not among them. However, a video game based on Spielberg’s first big hit has potential and the idea of ​​a Dead in broad daylightThe asymmetrical style multiplayer game is quite exciting.

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A group of players heading into the waters of Amity Island to kill or be killed by a Vengeful Shark would be a blast if done right, especially if one player takes control of the shark. It’s not the most creative idea, but it could work with the right developer on board.

The Indiana Jones franchise (action-adventure)

When it comes to grounded action movies, IndianaJones will always be the gold standard, with movies and video games trying to recapture that Indy magic. Of all the games that pay homage to Spielberg’s film, Unexploredbar none, is the franchise that Jones is proud of.

The Adventures of Nathan Drake looks a lot like the movies, so with Unexplored paying homage to Indy, it would be pretty cool if Dr. Jones did this tribute. A Unexplored-style IndianaJones The game would provide a nice little sunrise and sunset feel for fans of both franchises.

ET the Extra-Terrestrial (point-and-click adventure)

ET from ET The Extra Terrestrial and a demo of the point-and-click functionality of the Unreal Engine.

HEY had a checkered history with video games, as the infamous Atari 2600 game based on the film is considered one of the worst games of all time. One area where this adaptation failed is that it didn’t pick up the story and relationship at the heart of the film.

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Point-and-click games tend to prioritize aspects like story, with classic point-and-click Lucasarts, as well as more recent Telltale games, both being good shots for how a HEY the game might work. As long as the game captured the spark between Elliot and ET, the game would be a success.

Hook (Open-World Sandbox)

Peter Pan makes his classic call in Hook and Link explores in Breath in The Wild.

Although universally hated by film critics, To hang upit is positive qualities have contributed to his legacy over time. Part of what made the story of an older Peter Pan returning to Neverland to save his children so interesting was the world that Spielberg and his team created – a world that would be perfect for an open world. To hang up Game.

When most think of open-world games, they tend to think of games like Grand Theft Autobut games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn have proven that open worlds work in fantasy. A game in which players take on the role of Peter as he redevelops his abilities in open-world Neverland could rekindle film nostalgia in many people’s hearts.

Jurassic Park (Survival Horror)

Jurassic Park's T-Rex and Chris attacked by a zombie in the Resident Evil remake.

the original jurassic park feels much more suited to horror gaming than most realize, especially a survival horror game. While Spielberg’s natural optimism gives it a less austere tone than the likes of resident EvilThe thought of trying to survive on an island of carnivorous dinosaurs is terrifying, especially when some of those dinosaurs are smarter than the average animal.

In fact, this idea has proven itself, because Capcom dinosaur crisis is essentially a copyright jurassic park game and has proven itself at the time. With the franchise straying further from its roots than ever these days, maybe it’s time for the movie that made dinosaurs cool to once again show the world just how scary those same dinosaurs can be.

Schindler’s list (real-time strategy)

Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List and real-time strategy classic Dune 2.

As hard as it is to see it happen, it’s impossible not to include Schindler’s list here, because it’s arguably Spielberg’s finest work as a director. Creating a game that tells the story of Oskar Schindler employing Jewish workers to protect them from the Nazis is an interesting idea, even if done poorly, it would leave a very bad taste in everyone’s mouth, especially the families of the people directly affected by the material.

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The Holocaust is a difficult subject for video games to tackle, as it may not treat the subject with sensitivity and be nothing more than a Nazi shoot-em-up. However, an interesting way to reverse this very dangerous road is to create a game where the player uses strategic moves to save the Schindlerjuden from the Nazis, similar to what Oskar Schindler actually did.

Saving Private Ryan (First Person Shooter)

Miller with Ryan in Saving Private Ryan and wading through the trenches in Medal of Honor.

Spielberg is no stranger to war dramas, with Saving Private Ryan one of the director’s best. A film that balances high-octane action while not shying away from the horrors of war, the DNA between Saving Private Ryan and one of Spielberg’s most famous gaming alliances features heavily.

There are dozens of warfare first person shooters these days, but the Medal of Honor The franchise is also set in the midst of World War II and is quite similar to Saving Private Ryan in tone and intensity. Whether Saving Private Ryan were to be turned into a video game, making it an FPS would be the best way to go.

Minority Report (Action RPG)

Tom Cruise as John Anderton in Minority Report and Denton Aims in Deus Ex.

Steven Spielberg’s idea of ​​adapting a Phillip K. Dick story seems odd, but his direction, mixed with Tom Cruise’s star power, made Minority report a resounding success both critically and commercially. With its dystopian setting, unique premise involving stopping crimes before they even happen, and themes involving free will, it’s surprising the movie didn’t have a lot of video games, ignoring the game of ho-hum bond he made ger.

Minority reportjust like a concept, is an action RPG in the making, especially that of Deus Ex and Shock 2 system ilk. With the right developer behind the wheel, a proper action-RPG set in the movie world has “one of the greatest games of all time” written all over it.

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