7 techniques that will help you kiss better


Unfortunately, not everyone is born a great kisser. It is a skill that some people need to develop and improve. So, if you’re one of those who wants to become a better kisser, here are seven kissing techniques to up your kissing game.

Good breath is sacred

You don’t want to kiss someone with stinky breath. It leaves a bad first impression and they will never want to try it again. You want to make sure you have decent hygiene, brush your mouth twice a day and floss often. Also, little things like putting a mint in your mouth shortly before you go for a kiss helps keep things fresh.

be comfortable

If you’re not comfortable with the person you’re kissing, you probably shouldn’t kiss them. If you are nervous, you should do something to calm yourself down. Remember that this is someone you really want to kiss. You can also sing a little song or do whatever calms you down on a normal day. If you are too nervous or anxious, it can spoil your mood. Moreover, you can amaze your partner.

Sucking lips. Do not swallow

When people say they want to swallow someone, it’s a joke, abeg. Please, lips are not for swallowing. They are to nibble and to suck. DO NOT SWALLOW. If you want to swallow, try pounded yam.

Move your arms (with permission)

Nobody wants a stoic kiss. Hold their face, their hands, their waist, something. But before you hold them, let them know. Ask their permission so as not to scare them. You don’t want a slap to be what breaks the kiss.

try not to look

Because you’re not a bad guy. The expected behavior when kissing someone is to have your eyes closed. If for some reason your eyes are open, try not to make it weird. If you look at them like that, they’ll be able to tell because your eyes will poke holes in their skin.

don’t think too much about it

The problem is when you start analyzing every aspect of the kiss. Relax and have fun.

To ask questions

Feedback makes the service better, so don’t be afraid to ask the people you embrace what you think you can do differently. Their feedback can help you in the long run.

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