5 techniques for running successful marketing campaigns with dynamic QR codes


Quick Response (QR) codes have taken the world by storm with their simplicity. QR codes are 2D matrix barcodes that can effectively connect the offline and online worlds. However, QR codes are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. QR codes are currently being used by businesses of all sizes to attract new consumers and increase brand recognition.

QR Code marketing strategies are a game changer. The use of QR codes in marketing has grown due to the growing number of smartphone users and the ease of scanning them.

QR codes are a gateway that can turn anything into a digital touchpoint for customers. The right marketing strategy with QR code generator, a brand can quickly increase online and offline sales. In a #MeFirst economy, using QR codes for marketing initiatives to make customers feel like kings solves all sales pain points. Among others, IKEA, Coca-Cola, WeChat and Instagram have benefited from the amazing technology behind dynamic QR codes.

How to Use Dynamic QR Codes for Marketing Campaigns

First, why use active QR codes for marketing? QR codes that don’t change? Active QR codes are more adaptable, erase errors, allow modification, etc., than static QR codes.

Still not sure? Here’s how static QR codes differ from dynamic QR codes.

It is simple to create a marketing campaign with dynamic QR codes. But some brands have missed the mark. There are good and bad QR code marketing campaigns. We’ll get there.

Let’s first see how to use dynamic QR codes:

Create a QR code automation

Dynamic QR codes allow advertisers to adjust their advertisements according to their needs. Suppose you own a cafe. You want to improve customer engagement and believe that offering peak hour offers is the best solution. You stick QR codes all over the restaurant and customers can scan them for deals and discounts. Just imagine changing the QR Code campaign every three hours. Isn’t that tedious and vexing?

With dynamic QR codes, you can schedule your campaign to change offers and discounts based on peak and off-peak times. They can be used on OOH, print advertising, vCard and receipt, brochures and flyers. It can be set hourly, weekly or monthly depending on the brand.

Change the campaigns But not the code.

Chris Parry, a UK-based jewelry designer, has created hand-engraved jewelry with QR codes such as cufflinks, rings, and lockets. Sterling silver cufflinks can be personalized with a message and given to loved ones. The QR Code used was a dynamic QR Code, which allowed users to update their message as many times as they wanted. Something impossible with a static QR code.

A dynamic QR allows you to modify the destination of the QR Code or the content of the campaign even after printing. A great QR code with an advertising campaign can be ruined by forgetting to add or remove small information. An attractive advertising campaign must be user-friendly. Using a dynamic QR code eliminates any doubts and corrects possible marketing campaign errors.

Analysis and adjustment of campaigns in real time

Analytics are essential for measuring engagement and the effectiveness of any marketing strategy. Deployed dynamic QR codes can track scan location, time and date, and overall campaign CTR. Google Analytics can track QR codes to learn more about audience.

A dynamic QR code allows a brand to change landing pages in real time based on data. Managing many marketing efforts becomes cumbersome. These campaigns can be tracked using active QR codes to perform real-time split A/B testing.

Experiment with retail

Brick and mortar stores are obsolete. These days, millennials prefer experiences over monetary things like wellness and gyms, experimental games or arenas.

Dynamic QR codes can work well with marketing campaigns that deliver quick gratification. Since dynamic QR codes allow marketers to update their campaigns, they can modify their ads to better target a specific demographic.

Retain and engage customers

Building customer loyalty by delivering coupons, deals, and offers through the mail will never go out of style.

The physical printed form of coupons and deals is absolutely outdated. Brands are now using digital coupons to increase customer engagement while saving the environment.

You can use Free QR Code Generator to create dynamic QR codes ideal for such promotions. A single dynamic QR code can list all available offers for customers to choose from. Since the same active code can be updated, consumers can save time by avoiding searching, cutting and collecting numerous coupons.

Kroger gives customers QR codes with coupons and recipes in their direct mail. They also launched Kroger Pay, a mobile payment option that promises to merge payment and loyalty card information for faster checkout. The customer must download Kroger Pay, enter a personal PIN or biometrics, then scan a QR code at checkout to complete the payment and enter their loyalty card information. This walkway was designed to make shopping easier for store staff and customers.

Brands that have had success with dynamic QR Codes for their campaigns know their target audience. For a positive user experience, successful marketing efforts must have a clear target audience goal and provide relevant yet useful information.


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