5 genres of video games that took off from this generation


Automatic failures

We’re nearing the end of this generation of consoles, and it was a mature generation with different kinds of games reaching their pace. Some have reached absurd heights of popularity and quality though, which is why they made our list of the five video game genres that have taken off in this generation.

Easily one of the newest genres to take off this list – and one of the most recently created genres in general – Auto Chess has seen a surge in popularity thanks to some exceptionally popular new offerings.

After the release of a mod for Dota 2 in 2019, the genre exploded in popularity thanks to its simplistic premise and ease of access. Most people could jump in and throw their own eclectic assortment of units at their opponent, and win or lose depending on stupid luck or careful strategy with what was provided to them by RNG.

Big publishers like Valve and Riot quickly came up with their own take on automatic chess, and it’s a popular genre today thanks to the range of options for players and the relatively low barrier to entry for everyone. .

Anyone can still guess whether this will turn out to be a fad or not, especially since the genre has even recently emerged. However, few will be able to forget how quickly and aggressively this genre took root in the collective consciousness of players.


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