4 most popular mobile game genres


Mobile gaming doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and the world is loving it. Classic vigils such as Candy Crush at play slots online titles on your browser, the experience is even better as long as you have the time.

Here are 4 emerging genres in mobile games.


MOBAs are short for multiplayer combat arenas, which has been vying for popularity over the past few years.

Pokemon Unite is the latest MOBA title and pits three players against three others with the goal of destroying their base. While the formula remains the same, the games refresh it with new characters, abilities, and tournaments.

Royal battle

Fortnite is perhaps the best example of a Battle Royale mobile game. You play with dozens of other players dropped onto a shrinking island with the goal of being the last man standing.

Battles Royals are enjoyable in that you face a live player, which is unpredictable in every way. There is also an element of strategy and skill.


CCGs is the abbreviation for collectible card games, formerly the domain of table and physical games before their conversion to digital. As it turns out, cards were just as popular on mobile screens as they were decades ago.

Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering Online, as well as Pokemon TCG are three of the biggest card game platforms available on smartphones. The translation is quite accurate and you also have the ability to play with many people around the world.

Online casino

Online casino games range from slots and video poker to roulette and everything in between. If you have the time (and change) you can skip an hour or two and try your luck or your skills at a series of slots at http://fallingwhistles.com, for example.


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