3 genres of video games Nintendo should tackle next


Multiplayer FPS

Other than the Metroid Prime series developed by Retro Studios, we’ve really never seen a first-person shooter come from the Big N. The announcement and release of Splatoon was hailed by Nintendo fans, due to the fact that it was a new IP and a new kind of Nintendo.

Seeing another new property in a first-person shooter would be awesome to see. It shouldn’t be a cartoony multiplayer shooter either, as Nintendo could create a mature cast of characters to fill the role. Nintendo doesn’t typically develop video games with realistic violence and/or visuals, and I for one would love to see their take on that.

Competing with Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other popular FPS games would be tough for the Japanese company to do, but if the game still has that Nintendo charm at its heart, it could surely succeed in a crowded market.

You can even throw the Mario characters into a Paintball game filled with different battle arenas, weapons, and game modes – everything you need to see a first-person shooter.

Even the turn-based strategy RPG, Mario + Rabbids could be converted into a pretty entertaining shooter. Team Rabbids and their gang of crazy bunnies against Team Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom allies.

There are too many possibilities to think about, but I’m sure Nintendo will realize that this genre is missing from their catalog and eventually come up with something… or they’ll just give us Metroid Prime 4 and shut it down.


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