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Diablo 2 is a difficult game and Diablo 2: resurrected it didn’t change anything. Although it introduced some quality of life improvements, the game remains as hardcore as it was two decades ago. It’s still a devil-run casino and players pay with their time trying to bet for the rarest runes and unique items.

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Fortunately, there are a lot of veterans in the Diablo 2 community and some of them are nice. They shared the knowledge they gained over the years working in the hellish heat of Chaos Shrine or other late-game farming areas. In fact, some of these techniques are quite invaluable and can save players the frustration or the time they spend wrestling. Stay a while and listen to these tips.

Choose enemies and their modifiers

Diablo 2 Risen how many acts

Even the top fits Diablo 2 frequently encounter problems. Frozen Orb / Blizzard witches are trampled by cold immunities, Lightning Javazons cannot handle Lightning immunities, etc. Instead of spending too much money to get the correct runic word to alleviate these shortcomings, players can instead choose their enemies or their enemies’ modifiers.

They can do it by exit the current map via Save & Exit. This will bring them to the main menu. They can then re-enter the game in the same map (for example Worldstone Keep) and enemies will be different or have different stat modifiers. In this way, players can minimize the dangers of grinding in hell.

Reset the store


Similar to manipulating the enemy range by exploiting the randomization of the game, players can also fish any items they want from the merchants. For example, they look for staves with the Teleport skill or wands with lower resistance. They can check stores like Drognan and if the item is not there they can exit the map via Waypoint, go back and check the shop again.

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His store would have restocked the stock by then, ditto for other merchants who sell weapons and armor. Players can do this an unlimited number of times until they see the item they want or need, be it Amazon Skill and Attack Speed ​​Gloves or wands for the necromancer.

Increase the number of players without players

diablo 2 portal to tristram

This cheat is only for players who are already dealing comfortable damage to in-game monsters, enough to kill forage enemies in one hit, etc. They can bring up the chat box and type the command “/ playersX” Where “/ players X“without quotes; also ‘X’ is any number from 1 to 8.

This command is only available for offline characters and go force the game to think there is more than one player up to a maximum of eight. No more ghost players means enemies drop more loot and thus provide a better chance for solo players to farm runes or other valuable items. Keep in mind that the enemy life pool will also increase the higher the perceived player number. Therefore, it can also make the game more difficult.

Allocation of statistics “correct”

The stats menu in Diablo 2: Risen

Diablo 2 is full of “noob traps” where certain actions can seriously slow down the progress of new players. The worst of them is the misallocation of statistics. Because for more than 20 years, the consensus has been to put only enough Strength points to wear the right gear. Put only dexterity points for maximum blocking chance or gear requirements, then everything else goes to Vitality.

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Players should generally ignore energy. Mana issues are easily resolved with the Insight Runic Word on a Mercenary’s Polearm from Act 2 or through items that restore mana. Any player who follows this will save themselves the trouble of using their free quest stats reset for a sloppy character.


necromancer in the hall

While Diablo 2: resurrected is a bit more generous for players with the Stash size and Shared Stash tabs, they are still not enough. Often times, different levels of gems or runes will take up space, especially in Hell, as well as unique items of value.

Thus, players can avoid the headache of reluctant selling by creating mules characters. These characters only exist to take the objects that inflate the hiding place– generally elements that occupy six or eight slots. The downside is that it can be confusing trying to remember who got what, but it’s not a bad compromise.



One might wonder what exactly is the purpose of the walk feature when running is more convenient and results in faster card runs. It’s because Diablo 2 came with a risk / reward system for faster movement. Running will reduce a character’s block chance by a third and negate their defense.

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On Hell difficulty, this is a deadly drawback / debuff. Walking will not apply this hidden debuff but characters move slower. This is why some players prefer Run / walk speed modifiers on their equipment. Meanwhile, players can safely ignore this puzzle between speed and survivability if they have Teleport or Enigma Runeword. This is why it is the most universally searched for runic word.

Force a character out of a stun


Speaking of survivability, a character hit for 1 / 12th of their life will trigger the hit recovery animation. This can practically cause a stun block if enemies keep hitting hard. There is a way around this, however, without having to stack Faster Hit Recovery modifiers using gear.

It would be swap weapon sets. There is a dedicated key or button for this regardless of the control scheme. Pressing the weapon swap while the character is stunned or appears to be recovering suddenly and cannot do anything will shake him. fatal situation. Remember to go back to the optimal weapon set.

Stackable potion duration

d2r potions

Most players from Diablo 2 will only press to use a potion when needed or in panic. Turns out there is a more efficient way to use them since the duration of the potion actually accumulates. Endurance potions, for example, have a lousy duration of 30 seconds. Players can swallow multiple of them in order to achieve the effect of a sanctuary.

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Such a practice is very useful early in the game when the characters behave like adventurers with asthma. The same goes for life and mana potions. Players can use them in advance, especially in boss fights to apply some kind of safety pad.

Improved Gem Sanctuary


When it comes to shrines, Gem Shrines are some of the most rewarding finds on a random map for any player who knows how to mine them. At any other time, they are not particularly exciting because they usually give gems of random level or color.

However, Gem Shrines will offer a gem of one level higher than what a player has in their inventory. (if they only have one gem). So, if the player has a Flawless Amethyst in their inventory, for example, the Gem Shrine will yield a Perfect Amethyst.

Offset attack


A lot of newbie PC gamers probably don’t know this, but holding the Shift key while attacking causes their character to attack in place without moving, regardless of their target or their absence. More Diablo 2 beginners usually click on individual enemies in order to attack them.

This is an important maneuver, especially for javelin or bow users and even for melee characters with single target attacks. Because having to aim at the cursor and miss can accidentally cause the character to walk or run towards the target. Sometimes it can even cause sudden death. Shift attack ensures the character will stay in place or safe. Hopefully no one here has lost a Hardcore character while moving to their targets before they find out that this feature exists.

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